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Monday, December 20, 2010

3WayKisses from Gaia - Will the Chrisalys Turn into a Butterfly Soon? Reflections & Season's Greetings

Hi lovely Earthlings!

Gaia sends 3WayKisses and warm wishes to all of you.  Happy Solstice, Eclipse, Holidays, and 2011!
We are amazed at the forces acting on the transformation of the third planet.  Will the chrysalis turn into a butterfly soon?  Many feel that today's coincidence of solstice and Lunar eclipse begins the paradigm shift.  Watch it tonight at 2:40AM EST!  The current crisis could be just an opportunity for opposites to meet.  Eros and Gaia, matter and energy, the Earth and the sky, water and fire, sex and love, humans and nature, the Sun and the Moon: aren't these just mental energy fields that come together in a sensual communion the minute we accept the interconnectedness of all being?  More at Gemini Astrology, Hawaii

This Means Everything to Me 5 - Toby Mott
The power of knowledge keeps moving yours truly.  At this time the very existence of the institution that has sustained her for the past 13 years is in question.  The University of Puerto Rico is under siege by a new governor who wants to sell it to those who fund his career.  Yet yours truly has never been as excited to be in class as this year.  With students' awareness enhanced by the strike last spring, teaching has become more in-the-moment, more real!  Their appetite for knowledge makes up for all difficulties.  Now it's time for professors to be in action about the accreditation of the institution.  Rallies, meetings, negotiating solutions, reviving organizations are our daily activities.  You can get a peak from our videos.  The situation has resonated across regions.  Many US-based scholars originally from Puerto Rico have pitched in.  Their letter to the Attorney General is moving.  It bears seventy-four signatures!  Full text here!  UPR is not alone.  May this be the tip of a tidal wave that honors the desire for knowledge honest people harbor within.

Winter Solstice is a special time for hostess Gaia.  She remembers the Saturnalia, a festival of joy and abundance that celebrated the Reign of Saturn in ancient Rome at this time of year.  In the age of Titans, when the forces of nature reigned supreme, Gaia, the earth, and her lover Uranus, the sky, conceived Saturn, the state of being sated, abundant  He presided over the happiest age in the life of our species.  This Golden Age was known as Saturnia Regna in Antiquity.  It was a time when pleasure was an ally of nature and sexual abundance was revered.  Gaia would like to see us revel as did our pagan ancestors this time of year.  Join yous truly in wishing the third planet a joyful holiday season.  When you prepare your gifts, make sure they align with your most authentic beliefs.  Want a new age of love?  We provide the politics--the practice is up to you!  This is the best time for 3WayKisses! You can donate here!

At the October ecosexual gathering in LA, yours truly's latest opus found its true crowd.  Ecosexuality is in!  On the 23 and 24 of that momentous month, it was amazing to feel the vibration of this new style of love where pleasure and nature marry each other.  The occasion was the 3WayWedding of a highly Saturnian couple, ecosexual artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, and Gaia's favorite satellite, the Moon.  Befitting HoneyMoon was the world's first Symposium on Ecosexuality.  The brides shared wisdom with a crowd of imaginative Earthlings gathered for this momentum meeting.  Is nature an enemy, a mother, a lover?  Imagining the Earth as a lover can bring lots of fun into the global ecology movement.  But Gaia is a hostess too!  Shall we learn to respect her before we begin to woo her?  Yours truly was invited to deliver a Message from Gaia.  She gave the Symposium's Opening Remarks too!  Her featured book, Gaia, resonated with authentic meaning in the neighborhood of this inspiring group.  The quest for the meaning of ecosexuality is open and many voices are pitching in.  The movement swarms with the Saturnian energies of the season. 

This Means Everything to Me 5 - Detail
Gaia also attracted a whole bunch of new readers.  The big push-up back in September helped a great deal.  Thanks to all who pitched in!  Around the 26th, sales ranks rose into the 11,000 for general Kindle, 85,000 for paperback list.  They stayed there for quite a while.  Not stunning yet encouraging.  The title rose much higher in specialized lists: Up to top 4th in Feminist Theory, next to Betty Friedan, Mary Wollstonecraft, Judith Butler, and Naomi Wolf.  What a delightful City of Ladies.  How very exciting to be admitted!  Most astounding of all, the title rose to top 1 for the Mind/Body, Diseases, Aids list.  It's still there, top 31st.  Yours truly is honored to be part of this group.  Good scientists pursue the truth even when they don't like it.  Poor scientists are afraid of controversial issues.  Unbiased perspectives should be available to people who are able to make their own responsible choices.  When it comes to knowledge, the true enemy is fear.  Look at what's happening with Wikileaks!  If you've liked the book, you can vote for it in Goodreads.  Check the Choice Awards and the Books on Love lists.  There's a whole range of good reads from yours truly.  Look up her author's page here!  We wish we could share actual sales figures with you.  Unfortunately, the digital giant Amazon.com won't even disclose them to yours truly! 

"What about teaching?" you may ask.  Yes, we are doing it, with a Course in Ecosexuality starting at UPR Mayaguez in January.  Find out how to enroll here!  We also got a sense of how interested people are in what we have to teach from the social media, as in Facebook.  Polyamory is big hit!  And we see it as part of the arts of conscious loving.  So we are looking for a hospitable facility in Italy.  If you're aware of one, please let us know soon!  We have a fantastic team: Yours truly, whose talk about polyamory has been a highlight of Italian TV; and Robert Silber, from Hawaii, who specializes in conscious sensuality, communication and community.  We are putting together the first bilingual course on the arts of conscious loving, with simultaneous translation on the floor as we teach!  We plan to teach it in July and will announce the location as soon as we have one for sure.  English, with its scientific specificity; and Italian, with its passion and romance.  Stay tuned for specific time and place for this groundbreaking experience!

On this note, we wish a joyful holiday to the entire planet and all of you.  The climate change summit in Cancun has not yielded great results.  But we at 3WayKiss have solutions.  The new politics of love we propose is ecological and sexy too.  Vive ecosexuality!  Stop third planet abuse!  As a new year resolution, can we pledge to practice love and respect for our lovely hostess?  Let's hope Gaia finds  more patience within.  Meanwhile, thanks to Toby Mott for his inspiring paintings.  Check him out here!


Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Sunday, December 19, 2010

SWATS Units in UPR: 74 PR Scholars in the US Write Attorney General

Never Thought it Would Get This Bad!  Thanks to all those who've signed!

Copy of Signed Letter to US Attorney General Sent via E-mail and Certified Mail

December 16, 2010

Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr. Attorney General of the United States The United States Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Mr. Holder:

As Puerto Rican scholars teaching in the United States we have decided to write to you in order to express our deep concern with regard to recent developments at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). For the past months, the University has experienced a continuing conflict that began last semester with a call for a strike by the students in response to an increase in academic tuition and related to fears about the future of public higher education on the island. Unfortunately, university administrators, professors, and students have not been able to negotiate a satisfactory agreement. The whole process has recently culminated in the intervention of Governor Luis Fortuño and the deployment of a massive police presence on the main university campus at Río Piedras and on other campuses in the system, including a private security contractor and fully armed SWAT units.

On December 13, Chancellor Ana R. Guadalupe banned all meetings, festivals, manifestations, and all other so-called large activities on the Río Piedras campus for a period of thirty days. In our view, this represents a clear breach of fundamental constitutional rights. The justifications given by the Chancellor are that this measure is required in order to keep the campus open and to return it to normal operations. Furthermore, professors and workers are being asked (under the threat of punishment) to continue working despite the intense volatility caused by the police presence on campus.

We remain very concerned that such use of force may in fact increase the potential for violence and continued tension, especially if the guarantees of freedom of speech, association, and assembly have been revoked. Both the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico guarantee these rights. Moreover, this week the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico (which, without the opportunity for serious public debate, was recently restructured by the government of Luis Fortuño in order to ensure a clear majority of judges in his favor) declared, in a disturbing resolution, that strikes will be prohibited at all UPR campuses effective immediately.

We the undersigned write to you as scholars and citizens because of the potentially lethal conditions that we have described and that prevail at the UPR. That is why we urge you to intervene in order to:

1.    Guarantee the constitutional rights of freedom of speech, association, and assembly as stipulated by both constitutions and to see that the conflict is conducted under the strictest observation of human and civil rights for all parties involved.
2.    Procure the immediate withdrawal of all state and city police, private contractors, and other non-UPR security personnel from the University of Puerto Rico system currently under occupation.
3.    Call all parties to meet and have a truly productive dialogue.

Respectfully yours,

[Institutional affiliations for identification purposes only. Please respond to primary contacts.]
1) Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, The University of Chicago [Primary contact] lugortiz@uchicago.edu
2) Ivette N. Hernández-Torres, University of California, Irvine [Primary contact]
3) Luis F. Avilés, University of California, Irvine [Primary contact]
4) Aldo Lauria-Santiago, Rutgers University [Primary contact]
5) Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones Emory L. Ford Professor, Emeritus, Princeton University adiaz@princeton.edu
6) Aníbal González-Pérez, Yale University
7) Luis Figueroa-Martínez, Trinity College Treasurer, Puerto Rican Studies Association (PRSA) Luis.Figueroa@trincoll.edu
8) Roberto Alejandro, University of Massachusetts, Amherst ralejand@polsci.umass.edu
9) Harry Vélez-Quiñones, University of Puget Sound
10) Ismael García-Colón, College of Staten Island, CUNY
11) Áurea María Sotomayor-Miletti, University of Pittsburgh
12) Antonio Lauria-Perricelli, New York University al71@nyu.edu
13) Wanda Rivera Rivera, University of Massachusetts, Boston Wanda.Rivera-Rivera@umb.edu
14) José Quiroga, Emory University jquirog@emory.edu
15) Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor lawrlafo@yahoo.co.uk
16) Daniel Torres, Ohio University torres@ohio.edu
17) Pablo Delano, Trinity College Pablo.Delano@trincoll.edu
18) Denise Galarza Sepúlveda, Lafayette College
19) Richard Rosa, Duke University
20) Eleuterio Santiago-Díaz, University of New Mexico esantia@unm.edu
21) Ilia Rodríguez, University of New Mexico ilia@unm.edu
22) Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, Northwestern University r-rivera-servera@northwestern.edu
23) Gladys M. Jiménez-Muñoz, Binghamton University-SUNY gjimenez@binghamton.edu
24) Luz-María Umpierre Poet, Scholar, Human Rights Advocate LUmpierre@aol.com
25) Sheila Candelario, Fairfield University
26) Edna Acosta-Belén, University at Albany, SUNY eab@albany.edu
27) Efraín Barradas, University of Florida at Gainsville barradas@LATAM.UFL.EDU
28) Kelvin Santiago-Valles, Binghamton University-SUNY
29) Víctor Figueroa, Wayne State University an7664@wayne.edu
30) Juan Duchesne Winter, University of Pittsburgh juanduchesne@yahoo.com
31) Pablo A. Llerandi-Román, Grand Valley State University llerandp@gvsu.edu
32) Irmary Reyes-Santos, University of Oregon irmary@uoregon.edu
33) Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé, Fordham University cruzmalave@fordham.edu
34) Ileana M. Rodríguez-Silva, University of Washington imrodrig@uw.edu
35) César A. Salgado, University of Texas, Austin cslgd@mail.utexas.edu
36) Jossianna Arroyo, University of Texas, Austin jarroyo@mail.utexas.edu
37) Francisco A. Scarano, University of Wisconsin, Madison fscarano@wisc.edu
38) Jaime Rodríguez Matos, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor jaimerod@umich.edu
39) Cecilia Enjuto Rangel, University of Oregon enjuto@uoregon.edu
40) Elpidio Laguna-Díaz, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey elplag@optonline.net
41) Lena Burgos-Lafuente, SUNY, Stony Brook
42) Ramón Grosfoguel, University of California, Berkeley grosfogu@berkeley.edu
43) José Francisco Buscaglia Salgado, SUNY, Buffalo Director of Program in Caribbean Studies jfb2@buffalo.edu
44) Francisco Cabanillas, Bowling Green State University fcabani@bgsu.edu
45) Lisa Sánchez González, University of Connecticut lisa.m.sanchez@uconn.edu
46) María M. Carrión, Emory University mcarrio@emory.edu
47) Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Director Institute for Research on Women yolandatrabajo@optonline.net
48) Agustín Lao-Montes, University of Massachusetts, Amherst oxunelegua@yahoo.com
49) Jason Cortés, Rutgers University-Newark jasoncor@andromeda.rutgers.edu
50) Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Rutgers University President, Caribbean Philosophical Association nmtorres7@gmail.com
51) Daín Borges, The University of Chicago dborges@uchicago.edu
52) Edna Rodríguez-Mangual, Hamilton College emrodrig@hamilton.edu
53) Ricardo Pérez Figueroa, Eastern Connecticut State University
54) Licia Fiol-Matta, Lehman College, CUNY lfiolmatta@earthlink.net
55) Frances R. Aparicio, University of Illinois at Chicago franapar@uic.edu
56) Luis E. Zayas, Arizona State University lezayas@asu.edu
57) Hortensia R. Morell, Temple University hmorell@temple.edu
58) Milagros Denis-Rosario, Hunter College mdenis@hunter.cuny.edu
59) Víctor Rodríguez, California State University, Long Beach vrodrig5@csulb.edu
60) Madeline Troche-Rodríguez, City Colleges of Chicago mtroche05@yahoo.com
61) Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Washington State University clugo@wsu.edu
62) Jorge Luis Castillo, University of California, Santa Barbara castillo@spanport.ucsb.edu
63) Rosa Elena Carrasquillo, College of the Holy Cross rcarrasq@holycross.edu
64) Juan Carlos Rodríguez, The Georgia Institute of Technology juan.rodriguez@modlangs.gatech.edu
65) Susana Peña, Bowling Green State University susanap@bgsu.edu
66) José R. Cartagena-Calderón, Pomona College
67) Amílcar Challu, Bowling Green State University achallu@bgsu.edu
68) Carlos J. Alonso, Columbia University calonso@columbia.edu
69) Carmen A. Rolón, Providence College CROLON@providence.edu
70) Amy Robinson, Bowling Green State University arobins@bgsu.edu
71) Consuelo Arias, Nassau Community College ecarias@att.net

Puerto Rican Scholars in Canada Who Also Subscribe to this Letter
72) Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández, University of Toronto rgaztambide@oise.utoronto.ca
73) Néstor E. Rodríguez, University of Toronto nestor.rodriguez@utoronto.ca
74) Gustavo J. Bobonis, University of Toronto gustavo.bobonis@utoronto.ca

cc: Thomas E. Pérez, Assistant Attorney General, United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
Luis Gutiérrez, Congressman, Illinois 4th District Nydia Velázquez, Congresswoman, New York 12th District
José Serrano, Congressman, New York 16th District American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Luis Fortuño, Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in Washington
José Ramón de la Torre, President of the University of Puerto Rico
Ygrí Rivera de Martínez, President of the Board of Trustees (Junta de Síndicos), University of Puerto Rico
Ana R. Guadalupe, Chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gaia Mother, Hostess, Lover - Keynote - World's First Ecosexuality Symposium

And finally, the HoneyMoon starts. The brides, now wedded to Gaia's satellite, invited all of us to share their sacred nuptial time.

Listen to yours truly's keynote opening remarks:

Notes from the Symposium's Opening Remarks

"Evil nature: the kind of thinking typical of western mentality, where we want control, and that gets us to global warming. We're so afraid to let go of our anxiety that we end us causing our own doom and Gaia kicks us out!

Nature as Mother: this is nice, typical of environmentalist culture, nature is a good old woman, we must 'save' her, oh well . . .

Earth as 'lover,' says Annie Sprinkle, makes ecology sound like fun!

I like to come back to the concept of Gaia, which lives as myth, science, and part of vernacular culture.

It refers to the web of life on the third planet: biosphere, atmosphere, and, I would like to add, noosphere, or the sphere of the interconnected mental/emotional energies of all those who are alive.

What I'd like to propose is that we imagine Gaia as hostess, with us humans as guests among others.

Hostess as mother: we live inside, it's cozy, and at one point we get kicked

Hostess as lover: someone who welcomes us in their lives, who holds the
space of love for us, who acts as a resource of love for us.

Hosts and guests are ecosystems, they are symbiotic with one another, they exchange
energies and rebalance, they respect each other's balance, they enhance it, they must not deplete each other too much.

Ecosystemic balance is what we want in our practices of ecosexual love.

These are practices of love that respect, enhance the balance, the vitality of our personal ecosystem and our lovers's, and our lovers's lovers, and so on and so forth around the planet.

These are practices of holistic sexual health that enhance the tantric force field across the body of Gaia and activate the material with the sacred energy of love, or Eros as the ancients called it.

The biosphere, the atmosphere, the noosphere become resacralized with this erotic energy of love, the chakra system of each person becomes aligned and the whole body of Gaia becomes integrated and balanced.

In ecosex we are resources of love for each other and we multiply the connectedness among all of us so that we become more respectful guests to our hostess, we become more loving and considerate of her.

How does the noosphere enter the picture, one might ask? Cyberspace is an actualization of the sphere of the mind, it is telepathy on wi-fi. Cyberspace is also a space of the imagination where the very concepts of sex, love, faithfulness, romance, eroticism are being redefined, it is a new space where the emotions travel.

When we become more cognizant of how the sacred (eco) and the material (sex) are one, of how matter and energy are aligned, the noosphere becomes more integrated and active, more creative and imaginative, so that solutions to the current ecosystemic crisis are found."

And on this hopeful note, yours truly ended her remarks. Many subsequent talks, acts, performances, dances followed. What creativeness! What abundance!

At the end, many participants were inspired to get their own copy of Gaia. This book had finally found its public. Woooooow! Yours truly really felt that all the flack, the adverse reaction, the struggles of last year were rewarded. She felt really proud of her effort and appreciated for her gifts to the world and humanity.

Now that you are preparing to choose your Solstice/Holiday Season gifts, don't forget to pick one that helps humanity make peace with the third planet. Where would we all be without her hospitality? How would we desire, meet, fall in love with each other? She provides the space for us to thrive and deserves to be treated with reverence and awe. Let's begin now!

For a list of works where you can begin your education in Ecosexuality, go to the author's page now! You can download Gaia on Kindle and start reading in the next five minutes! Don't waste more time!

Wishing a joyful Solstice, and Christmas, and New Year to each and everyone!

Namaste ((-:~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Your VOTE for GAIA!

Hi lovely Earthlings!

I've discovered GOODREADS, courtesy of ever savvy Reid Mihalko. And I've created a profile, an account, and a book shelf. Don't you want to find out what's on it?

Serena's bookshelf: read

The Art of Loving: An Enquiry into the Nature of LoveSide Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower and a Bestselling Antidepressant on TrialOur Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription DrugsThe Future of LoveSex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern SexualityComing Apart: Why Relationships End and How to Live Through the Ending of Yours

More of Serena's books »

GOODREADS also invites votes on best books for 2010. Gaia on Kindle qualifies! Time is almost up! To vote for Gaia and the New Politics of Love, click on the link and insert your title in the write-in option.


Gaia thanks you! It's nice for your hostess to feel so very deeply appreciated!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ecosexuality: When Ecology and Sexuality Come Together - In January 2011 at UPRM

Ecosexuality: When Ecology and Sexuality Come Together
Ecosexualidad: cuando la ecologia y la sexualidad se encuentran

Este CURSO NUEVO es un seminario avanzado en las Humanidades que se ofrecera en enero 2011.

It is dedicated to exploring ecosexuality, a movement, orientation, practice, and a theory of love.

What is ecosexuality?  How did the concept come about and why it matters?  How can it help us to explore the intersections between ecology and sexuality, science and the humanities, global and personal health and love?  How does ecosexuality intersect with other orientations and practices of love, including those common among gays, bis, straights, polys, swingers, metrosexuals, and so on?  How does ecosexuality contribute to defining our relationship to the environment, to technology, the natural elements, and the web of life that sustains our species?  Is nature our enemy, mother, hostess, all of the above? 
      Books and films in the assigned list may include: Sexual Fluidity, by Lisa Diamond; Sex at Dawn, by Christopher Ryan and Calcida Jetha; Gaia and the New Poltics of Love, by Serena Anderlini; Polyamory in the 21st Century, by Deborah Anapol; Mystery Dance, by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan; Microcosmos and Acquiring Genomes by Lynn Margulis; Sirens, by John Duigan; Shortbus, by John Cameron Mitchell; An Inconvenient Truth, by Davis Guggenheim; Sluts and Goddesses, by Annie Sprinkle; and House of Numbers by Brent Leung.

Dr. Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD, gave the opening remarks at the world's first Symposium on Ecosexuality in Los Angeles on Oct 24, 2010.  She is the author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love, a seminal text of ecosexual theory.  She blogs at http://polyplanet.blogspot.com
       Excellent reading knowledge of English necessary, Spanish used in class.  
       Research paper expected at end of course.
       !Una oportunidad de no perder!
Offered as Humanities 4995 to begin in January 2011, Tues and Thurs at 5-6:15 PM.
Enroll: see Dr. Noemi Maldonado, Associate Director, Department of Humanities, Chardon 504, Noemi.maldonado@upr.edu
Email questions for Dr. Anderlini at serena.anderlini@gmail.com

The Earth as Lover, art credit to Megan Morman and Cindy Baker.

Message from Gaia - Ecosexuality: Purple Wedding to the Moon, LA, Oct 23, 2010

At the Purple Wedding to the Moon, yours truly was invited to deliver a message from Gaia.  Performance art at its best.  Annie and Beth, and the whole ecosex weddings crowd!  What an honor.  What inspiring company around!
She felt the energy of the third planet shiver into her body, and was inspired to speak with the voice of the third planet, thus:

Message from Gaia

Gaia is very happy that we are marrying her satellite.  She is not jealous, she is a very generous lover who is willing to share her favorite astral partner with us.

Gaia, the web of life that sustains us humans on the third planet, is asking us here to imagine the full moon over a body of water with the shimmering light of the moonwake like a magic staircase that brings the moon s magnetism into our lives.

Gaia also asks me to invite you to the world s first symposium about ecosexuality, where, inspired by this ceremony, we are going to be part of the brides honey moon.

Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, 3-6 pm, limited space, show up on time!

This meeting of the minds (and bodies, bring your bodies too!) is designed to invent and discover together what is ecosexuality? This symposium, where arts meets theory meets practice, is where we will invent a million ways to bring the sacred and the erotic back together, to become the expanded resources of love for one another that will persuade Gaia that we humans are still welcome guests on the third planet.

Click on video to see the message delivered alive!

Aren't you falling in love with ecosexuality? Remember, ecosexuality is good for everyone. The author's page has a whole range of books where you can start learning about it, as well a string of other sources! It's all good, what you've been doing all along or always dreamed of doing and are about ready to start. Find out why expanded practices of love help humanity make peace with our hostess planet!

Ecosexuality: a way of being sexual that's ecological, natural, balanced, amorous, exploring, playful, inclusive, adventurous, holistic, sacred, Gaian, erotic, considerate, consensual, responsible, and healthy, all simultaneously, separately, and in different proportions.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh the sweet music of Gaia, can you hear it? Ecosensual Water Kiss

Perhaps you'll find this waaaaaaay too romantic and syrupy, one more video of the full moon, what could be more conventional, trite, deja vu?

And yet, and yet, when we put these things in the context of ecosexuality they acquire a completely new, fresh meaning. Yours truly was honored to be at Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens' ecosexual Wedding to the Moon in Altadena last month, and she came home with this impulse to honor her moon rituals with this video. Living near the Moon, as she comes close to your window and as the moon wake whispers her sweet songs to you over the ripples that kiss the beach. Oh my goddess! That's where the inspiration comes from! How could I not see it before? Or at least, perhaps I did, but not so tangibly, not so completely. The Moon is kissing with the silver ripples that caress the shore of Playa Azul. What is she telling me? She is urging me to bring Gaia's message of hospitality to people! Oh Moon, oh changing Luna, you are a satellite to our mother, lover, sister, hostess, the third planet, the only celestial body willing to have us in her. Annie and Beth are now married to you, and Gaia is cool with that. Listen to the ecosensual water kiss . . . .

And when you decide what to read this Solstice/Holiday Season, make the right choice for you and the planet too! Learn all about ecosexual theory from Gaia, yours truly's favorite book, and find out how to live your life as an experiment in ecological practices of love from her memoir Eros.

You can get both for $ 53.23, with the added bonus of a Taormino book. What a treat! What a thoughtful Solstice/holiday Season gift!

Even better, visit her author's page on Amazon.com and choose what really inspires you to live the ecosexual life of your dreams while you become an artist of love whose creativity helps humanity make peace with our sacred hostess.

Listen to this video again on winter Solstice, and on Christmas Eve, and on New Year's Eve. The whole concept of making love to nature, making love with nature will come true to you. Feel the caressing wake of the full moon kissing the beach with its water lips. Choose ecosexuality and start to learn all about it immediately!

Your truly sends her grateful greetings to you. She sends warm wishes for a delightful Solstice/Holiday season. And remember, it's not ALL about the water kiss!

Namaste ((-:~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ecosexuality: A Course in the Arts of Conscious Loving

Ecosexuality: A Course in the Arts of Conscious Loving

What's ecosexuality?  Just a new buzz word for vegetarian with green bed sheets?  A new sexual orientation to connect with a new-age dreamy date in a chat room?  A new theory? 

It is of course all of these--and none of them.  In this course, we propose Ecosexuality as a new style in the arts of loving that is conscious of how important these arts are in process of making peace with humanitiy's hostess, the third planet Gaia.

Ecosexuality is a way of being sexual that's ecological, natural, balanced, amorous, exploring, playful, inclusive, adventurous, holistic, sacred, Gaian, erotic, considerate, consensual, responsible, and healthy, all simultaneously, separately, and in different proportions.

The emphasis in the course is on teaching styles of being amorous that are also ecological.   Ecoloogy has to do with balance and proportion.  For example, if a species reproduces excessively, the balance of an ecosystem is lost.  But when all species are present in sustainable proportions, the ecosystem is healthy and whole.

There is an ecology to sexuality too.  Many paths allow lovers and amorous people to access the ecstasy, the joy, the communion, the bliss of conscious erotic love.  Some include 'natural' intermediaries: the ocean, the sky, the moon, mountains, lakes, rivers have all been known to inspire lovers to ecstatic bliss.  Other intermediaries are more 'human made': the arts, poetry, scents, foods, wines, jacuzzis, watsu pools, leather, silk, floggers, film, fetishes, videos, sex toys, and a whole assortment of other aphrodisiacs inspire people to become amorous in a variety of sexual ways and paths to erotic ecstasy.  The contemplation of other people in love and the feeling of inclusiveness that emanates therein can be a powerful erotic inspiration too. 

We believe that love is an art that can be learned consciously.  We do not make conclusive statements on that the 'nature' of human love can be.  However, we affirm that every person has a very special talent to love.  The intent of the course is to nurture that talent into an artistic form that graces the person and his/her amorous communities with an abundant healthy dosage of the arts of loving.

We propose a wide sampling of these arts, including elements of meditation, touch, sensuality, cuddling, massage, pleasuring, self-pleasuring, communication, mirroring, witnessing, compersion, polyamory, bi-sensuality, sexual play, bonding and domination, fetishism, sexual play, tantra, and more.  These practices are taught as styles of amorous expression that help participants develop their talents as artists of love.

The encouragement is for students to become better resources of love for their communities.  We do not encourage the formation of identities around any of these practices more than any other.  Any combination of them that develops the amorous talents of participants is ecosexual to the extent that it makes the world more abundant with resources of conscious love.

This course is a work in progress.  So far, the main areas are:
Compersion: The Spirit of Polyamory
Fluid Bonding and the Health/Safety of Erotic Communities
The Pleasure of the Other: Becoming a Resource of Love
Flogassage: The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves

Developed by Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD, for the intellectual property of 3WayKiss

Workshop 1 - Compersion: The Spirit of Polyamory

Workshop 1 - Compersion: The Spirit of Polyamory

In the wisdom of love, we understand that the arts of loving can save Gaia, the live planet, because they are part of the arts of healing.  A key concept in these arts is compersion, which comes from polyamory and is often understood as 'the opposite of jealousy.'  Compersion is the joy of sharing the amorous resources that bless our lives.  It is the bliss of witnessing the love our partners receive from others than ourselves.  Jealousy often registers as a humiliating emotion.  How can this emotion transform into joy?  The 2 1/2 hour workshop is designed to teach this transformation in a series of small-group exercises that impact our inner and outer landscapes.  Compersion, the spirit of polyamory, is a vibration that animates our bodies with joy and participation, once we become familiar with the bioenergetics of this inclusive, liberating emotion.

Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD, is a professor of humanities at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez.  She is the author of Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves, and the editor of numerous collections.  She teaches courses, workshops, and seminars on the practice of love and the science of Gaia.

Scheduled for July 8, 2010, in Bellingham, WA

Contact: Laya Shriaberg, laya@spiralsun.com

Workshop 2 - Fluid Bonding and the Health/Safety of Erotic Communities

Workshop 2 - Fluid Bonding and the Health/Safety of Erotic Communities

This workshop discusses how changes to fluid-bonding agreements can impact individuals in an erotic community, the community’s notification and negotiation processes, screening protocols, and reactions to disease outbreaks and breaches in agreement.  A general introduction to the topic will be followed by open discussion, with a few anecdotes to break the ice if necessary.

Why is the practice of safer sex important to an erotic community?

The protection of each participant is proportional to the health of the community.  In practicing safer sex, a participant in an erotic community protects other participants from pathogens that might be inadvertently stored in this participant’s body.  Physical safety is conducive of emotional safety too.

Fluid-bonding is the practice of exchanging deep and not-so-deep body fluids with sexual and erotic partners, and the emotional bonding that this implies.  On the pair level, fluid bonding can be viewed as a trading of risk for pleasure and intimacy.  In a given erotic community, it is more complicated; there are implications, both positive and negative, to each participant and to the community as a whole.   In general, one might say that fluid bonding contributes to the health of a community to the extent that it is based on rules that are defined quite explicitly and followed quite closely.

Workshop Design by Serena Anderlini and Murray Schechter

Workshop 3 - The Pleasure of the Other: Becoming a Resource for Love

Workshop 3 - The Pleasure of the Other: Becoming a Resource for Love

The ecstasy our lovers feel is proportional to our ability to experience it as our own pleasure.  When we get to access this experience our education in the arts of loving can be considered complete.  As artists of love, we will be the source of erotic ecstasy for our lovers in such sublime communion that the pleasure of the other will become our own.

As a principle of erotic/ecstatic communion, the pleasure of the other is not new.  We can read about it in Sappho, Ovid, Veronica Franco, Giacomo Casanova, and others whose love lives have been celebrated in literature.  But how can we learn to generate this pleasure in our own love lives?  This workshop is designed to provide access to this experience.

The exercise intends to initiate participants in the practice of forming a pleasure team and receiving pleasure from multiple sources.  It can be done in a conventional or clothing-optional environment.  Participants form groups of 5 to 7 people and sit on the floor in a circle.  One participant volunteers to be the ‘pleasure emitter,’ the others form the ‘pleasure team.’  The ‘pleasure emitter’ lies down at the center while members of the ‘pleasure team’ sit around in a circle.  Boundaries are set as to what areas of the ‘pleasure emitter’s’ body are open for receiving pleasure and what areas are off limits.  The pleasure team begins to focus on pleasuring the emitter.  Members will stay tuned into each other and listen for signs of pleasure from the emitter.   The emitter will express pleasure with words, moans, and body movements.  These will reverberate as feed back with the team whose members will enhance the pleasure as they respond to the expressions of the emitter.

The exercise can be repeated as many times as there are volunteer pleasure emitters in the group.  Each round lasts about 10-15 minutes.  After two or three rounds, the group will discuss the experience.  Participants will share about what it felt like to be in either position and why.  What did participants learn about pleasure?  Is the pleasure of the other better than our own? 

A group hug can be used as a closing ritual.

A workshop designed by Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD

Workshop 4 - Flogassage: The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves

Workshop 4 - Flogassage:  The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves

Learning the Arts of Loving with Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio

This workshop combines small group massage and mild flogging to convey the bio-energetic experience of polyamory compersion, tantric energy and kundalini, and love for the person

Compersion is the ability to share love among three or more people.  Practicing compersion helps to transmute jealousy into the joy and elation of being present to multiple loves, to give up exclusivity, and to express pleasure and ecstasy (or being the “pleasure emitter” in a multipartnering situation

Tantric Energy & Kundalini are modes of amorous expression that enable one to give, receive, store, and transmute erotic energy throughout the body and the chakra system.  These modes are often experienced indirectly.   In this workshop we focus on the back side of the body as a place to store and transmute these energies.

Love for the person is the ability to love someone independently of their gender and sexual orientation.  Many experienced bisexuals practice this kind of love.  In this workshop we focus on changing roles within a small group, exchanging erotic energy with diverse participants, adjusting degrees of participation, and experiencing full-body erotic pleasure, to convey the experience of loving the person.

"I was fortunate to attend a flogassage organized by Serena. It was not on the agenda for the weekend, but was one of the highlights of my experience. Serena expertly set the mood and our expectations, then smoothly guided us through hours of sensual touch experiences unlike anything I had ever experienced before. She is truly gifted," said Michael from Massachusetts.

This workshop is open to everyone over 18. 
It is especially recommended for massage therapists and other kinds of holistic healers interested in exploring the sensual aspects of the healing arts. 
The workshop will be held in a clothing optional environment. 
Participation in the exercises is based on consent.  Graded levels of participation are encouraged.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Workshop 5 - Bisexuality, Self-Knowledge, and Eros

Bisexuality, Self-Knowledge, and Eros

This workshop is designed to assist participants in becoming more aware of how bisexual cultures and lovestyles complement and integrate with Polyamory.

We open with a short poem about bisexuality by nonetheless that William Shakespeare. "Two loves I have," from Sonnet 144.   There is nothing new to bisexuality or Polyamory, since even the bard practiced them . . .

We continue with definitions and historical perspectives about the bisexual movement, especially in the late 20th century, with a special reference to the work of the late Fritz Klein, from a psychoanalytical perspective, and Lani Kaahumanu and Loraine Hutchins, from a cultural and earth-centered perspective.  Participants will be invited to share in small groups about bisexual dreams, wishes, fantasies, and experiences. 

Next will be a practical exercise based on the Klein Grid, a bi version of the Kinsley Scale.  Participants will be invited to place themselves on this grid.  Then they will mix and mingle while they ask questions of each other as to where they best fit, so that in the end everyone will stand on the floor in correspondence to their place on the grid, to everyone’s amusement!  

Bisexuality is largely in the mind of the beholder.  Participants will play the roles of givers and receivers in small groups.  The messages will be expressed via soft touch and/or flirtatious gazing.   The givers will keep their intention secret, and the receiver will be invited to guess as to what that is.  In many cases, a non-sexual intention will be interpreted as sexual, and vice versa, to the amusement of all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giving Ecosexual Thanks on the Day of Accion de Gracias

Oh well, you must have been wondering why we rushed to post this video without the slightest comment. It's so cute! It's really about persona, private life here in Western Puerto Rico, and how we really make it nice and cozy with our close friends. There is a certain intimacy that comes with living on an island where almost everyone knows after a bit. Here we are with our friends David and Javier in Ponce, ciudad senoral, which actually means town of distinguished, well-to-do people, and it really is, with its large avenues and southern tranquility. They invited us for a vegetarian Tanksgiving dinner, can you imagine: no turkey! They had prepared the most exquisite meal, served on the indoor patio on a cool evening. How cheerful!

We are so late posting comments to this because we were involved in a tech upgrade which turned out to be very efficient but made things a bit confused during the transition. Yours truly had been told that her computer skills and multiple systems deserved a Mac. And she got it! Oh technology, let me be slave to Thee! It is a good system and we are enjoying its efficiency.

Thanks to all the geeks who suggested the switch!

And a belated Buen Dia de Accion de Gracias to you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

3WayKiss October Calendar - Los Angeles: 16th, 19th, 23-24th - Redeem GoK Rewards

Dear Everyone, 

We at 3WayKiss are delighted to bring a fabulous October Calendar of Events to you!  We also wish to send our very very special thanks to all participants in the 9/26th Big-Push!  That made a VERY big difference, with Gaia pushed to the top of the list for at least two subspecialties in Kindle Store, and staying there as we speak!  Plus it sparkled a whole new bunch of digital readers, an absolutely eco-sexy thing to do!  From the deepest depths in our heart, thank you!

For October, yours truly has been called to the Los Angeles area for three
Click image for author's blog
fabulous events
we are happy to bring to youWe look forward to having you with us!  Please have your Gaia on Kindle purchase receipt ready to claim your discount!  Thank you!

October Calendar, in Reverse Order

Weekend with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens
--19th Tuesday with Leanna Wolfe

Weekend with SaRina and Robert Silber
Scroll down for details!
--October 23-24th Weekend--Ecosex Wedding plus Symposium HoneyMOON in the LA Area

As announced, yours truly will keynote at the world's first Ecosex Symposium, to be
Click for Symposium Tickets
held Sun., the 24th, 3 to 6 PM, at the Highways Performance Space, 165118th St, Santa Monica, CA, 90404.  
This unique event brings together ecosexuals from the world over to kickstart the ecosexual movement.  The event is organized by Moon brides and Eco-Sex Bi-o-neers Annie Sprinkle, PhD, and Beth Stephens, UCSC. As for yours truly, she'll be talking about "Gaia, the third planet, amorous hostess to many lovely species, sexy mother and lover too!"  The Symposium is moderated by adult film director Veronica Heart, with relationship coach Deborah Taj Anapol, PhD, and sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, among many fabulous speakers.  

The artist brides will be HoneyMOONing from a Purple Wedding to Gaia's lovely satellite, the Moon, to be celebrated on Sat, the 23rd, 6-9:30 PM, at the Farnsworth Park Amphitheater in Altadena.  The Wedding will be officiated by performance artist Reverend Billy of the Church of Life After Shopping.  Yours truly, duly dressed in Purple, will announce the Symposium as a homage to Gaia's hyper-generous hospitality to our unruly species.

The Symposium is meant to be "a public forum where art meets theory meets sex education meets practice," artist brides Annie and Beth declare.  As hundreds of ecosexuals are heading toward Los Angeles for this very special weekend, yours truly invites you to join this heady lot and help spearhead the movement.  What could be more exciting than marrying an astral body and consuming the honeymoon with a whole bunch of ecosexual people?

For more on this weekend check out our Press Releases!

--Tuesday, October 19th, 7:30 PM.
Reading from seminal text of ecosexual theory, Gaia and the New Politics of Love
Click image for Casa de Pensamiento Libre
, at the Casa de Pensamiento Libre, for the Sex and Culture Lecture Series, hosted by Leanna Wolfe, 14923 Marlin Place, Van Nuys, CA, 91405.  A fabulous series, check it out hereDiscussion. Refreshments.  Donation: $ 10 at door, does not include books.  Yours truly will be delighted to sign copies while supplies last.   Ask Leanna at 818 510 0225.

--Weekend October 16-17:

Conscious Sensuality; Gaia at LuvHub: Sat., 16th, 7-9PM. 
Click image for LuvHub--SaRina and Robert
Experiencing Gaia at LuvHub.  An extended evening program for all participants in Conscious Sensuality Weekend Intensive, with Robert Silber and SaRina Goode.  12712 Dewey St, Los Angeles (Santa Monica), CA, 90066. 
The workshop yours truly has been invited to lead focuses on witnessing the energy of love, holding space for the magic of it, experiencing the pleasure of the other, learnign about the arts of loving and about sharing resources of love. Gift yourself with the whole weekend and claim your discount as a Big Push-Up participant here.

We at 3WayKiss sincerely hope you'll choose to join us at ll times, at least in spirit.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions or assist you in any way.  We are a not-for-profit corporation based in Puerto Rico that intends to "educate the public about the arts of loving and their infinite forms of expression."  Plese visit and find out all about our new and exciting Mission.  You can also pledge your donation here.  We are persuaded the events above will spearhead exciging new projects, and are extremely interested in exploring the connections between ecosex and the noosphere.  We see Big Push-Up Day as an experiment in this line of thoiught.  Two weeks into the process, we can tell it's interesting and will follow up with more data in due time.

The LA area is a beloved Matria of yours truly--a special land that has kindly hosted her at one point in her journey. How exciting to be there soon!  Reconnecting to long-time friends from the region is a wonderful gift!  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are one of them.  With a full teaching schedule at the home institution, travel time is at a premium--the opportunity not to be missed!

With deep appreciation for your interest and business, we at 3WayKiss remain yours truly in devotion and ecosexual friendship.

Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD @ 3WayKiss
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author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love, a Silver Winner
for Cosmology and New Science for the 2010 Nautilus Awards,
and many other fabulous books
Professor of Humanities
at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Saturday, October 9, 2010


PRESS RELEASE, October 9, 2010
Contact: Annie Sprinkle,  annie@anniesprinkle.org
Love Art Laboratory, San Francisco, Ca.

LOS ANGELES, CA.—What’s an ecosexual? Why are skinny-dipping, mysophilia and arboreal frottage so pleasurable? Where is the e-spot? Can the budding ecosexual movement help save the world? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at an Ecosex Symposium; a public forum where art meets theory meets sex education meets practice. The organizers of this first of its kind event are Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a feminist-porn-star and artist, turned “sexecologist,” and Elizabeth Stephens, a UCSC art professor and environmental activist. The two women explain, “As a strategy to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with our abused and exploited planet, we are switching the metaphor from the Earth as mother, to Earth as lover.” The Symposium will be on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 24th, at the cutting-edge art hotbed, Highways Performance Space, in Santa Monica. A diverse panel of artists, academics, sex educators, and environmental activists will take turns presenting, performing, showing and telling. 
Ecosex relationship coach, and author of Polyamory in the 21st Century, Debora Taj Anapol, Ph.D. will give an overview of what ecosex is all about-- clinically, spiritually and socio-politically. Ecosexual theorist and author of seminal text, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, Serena Anderlini, Ph.D. is flying in from the University of Puerto Rico to present her views about “how the Earth stores and runs the energy of love.” Good Vibration’s resident sexologist, Carol Queen, Ph.D., will be discussing ecorotic issues in the sex toy industry. Kamala Devi and the Tantra Theater will act out the audience’s ecosex fantasies. Dr. Robert Lawrence, Ph.D., will cover ecosex fetishes. The panels will be moderated by TV and film actor, Veronica Hart, who will also offer an animal rights perspective. Award winning porn stars Jiz Lee and April Flores, and porn director Carlos Batts will discuss green porn and present a waterfall scene from their film, Dangerous Curves. Tania Hammidi will do a dance piece about conflict, genocide and olive trees. Comedic relief will come from EcoElf. The editor of the highbrow art magazine, Ms. Use, will attend from Israel to show off her ecosex themed issue. Other artists collaborating are C. Finley, Spyce Spycey, Luna Bella, Joegh Bullock, Lady Monster, Cindy Baker, Megan Morman, HB3, Dylan Bowls, Jayme Waxman and others.

The Symposium is also a “honeymoon” for organizers, Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. The day before the symposium, they will have an ecosexual Purple Wedding to the Moon. http://loveartlab.org/  Their aim, they say is “to inspire others to make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse.”

            Event sponsors are Good Vibrations, the Center For Sex and Culture, Femina Potens Gallery, Luna Pads, 3WayKiss, Monterey Bay’s kinky B+B Ahintofleather.com, Bondassage.com and Aki’s Cup Cakes. The organizers are looking for a few more eco-minded sponsors. They also invite individuals to contribute as backers through the Kickstarter fundraising platform. In exchange, backers get their names in the program, moon-shaped tit prints, and Beth Stephens’ sculptures of Annie Sprinkle’s bronzed panties! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/152588950/purple-wedding-to-the-moon-and-ecosex-honeymoon-sy

Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon

October 24th
Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th Street,
Santa Monica, Ca., 90404
Everyone over 18 is invited to attend.
Please wear purple.


3WayKiss Not-for-Profit: Mission Statement and Donations


Education and Open Source Research 
in the Arts of Loving
 a not-for-profit corporation
Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
founder and owner

Mission Statement

3WayKiss is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to educate the public about the arts of loving and their infinite forms of expression.

In particular, these arts include styles of love that are inclusive, open, healthy, joyful, and sustainable, and practices of love that are non-violent, safe, respectful, legal, and consensual.  

3WayKiss supports research on love in its multiple forms of expression, including the sharing of emotional resources this involves.

3WayKiss also provides support to communities, institutions, organizations, and associations that practice these arts of loving, that study these arts, that offer education and training in them, and that disseminate information about them.

3WayKiss intends to foster a public climate where the arts of loving are seen as a domain of the arts of healing; where practicing these arts is seen as part of the global effort to create an emotionally sustainable planet; where  trusting others and sharing resources is seen as the source of abundance and peace in the world.

3WayKiss achieves its mission via participation in, and funding of, public events; educational venues; open-source dissemination; digital and conventional  media outreach; creative and scholarly projects; support for, and collaboration with, local/regional/global allies; and other opportunities and venues for collaboration, research, education, and information-sharing.

When you donate to 3WayKiss you promote these values and you get preferential treatment (including comps and discounts when available) to any of the events publicized on this blog.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated.  Pledge your tax-deductible gift now!

Thank you!

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PRESS RELEASE, October 6, 2010
Contact: Annie Sprinkle,  annie@anniesprinkle.org
Love Art Laboratory, San Francisco, Ca.

LOS ANGELES, CA.-- Hundreds of "ecosexual" artists, academics, famous sex workers, and environmental activists are heading to Los Angeles for a Purple Wedding to the Moon, the brainchild of artist-brides, Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens. This will be their sixth large-scale, ecology inspired wedding. "The environment has always been our creative partner, as in 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust,' says Elizabeth Stephens, an art professor at the University of California in Santa Cruz, whose personal roots lie in West Virginia where mountaintop removal mining runs rampant. "In a twist on the traditional marriage vows, each of our eco-themed weddings is an invitation for people to 'promise to love, honor, and cherish the Earth, Sky, Sea and Moon until death brings us closer together forever'." Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a porn star turned eco-sexologist emphasizes the fecundity of the earth; she links fertility and imagination. "We aim to make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse through art."  Purple Wedding to the Moon will be held at FarnsworthPark's outdoor amphitheater in Altadena, Los Angeles, on October 23rd, the night of the full moon. Ecosexual theorist Serena Anderlini, PhD, will announce the HoneyMOON Symposium as a homage to our hostess Gaia, the third planet. "A world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live.
Four hundred guests are expected to attend and over one hundred artists will collaborate on the creation of the wedding. The unorthodox union will be officiated by the popular performance artist Reverend Billy, accompanied by the Church of Life After Shopping Choir-- the subjects of the documentary film, What Would Jesus Buy? produced by Morgan Sperlock. Reverend Billy's sermons and activism about the "Shopocolypse," over-consumption, and corporate greed have gotten him arrested dozens of times.
            Stephens, Sprinkle and Reverend Billy got upset when they learned that N.A.S.A. had bombed the moon prospecting for water. They wondered "why can't we just take better care of the water here on Earth?"  "We wanted to do something," cried Stephens.  "So we are marrying the Moon, but it's really also about loving the Earth."  Last year Sprinkle and Stephens married the Sea in Italy at the Venice Biennale.  They have also married the Earth in Croatia and the Sky in England. The wedding participants now number in the thousands. Reverend Billy is taking his new Earth-allujah! show on the road, premiering Oct. 21 at the Disney Theater. http://www.revbilly.com/events/cali-tour
          For the honeymoon, the movers and shakers of this budding ecosexuality movement will hold the world's first Ecosex Symposium at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, the day after the wedding. "We'll switch the metaphor from 'Earth as mother,' to 'Earth as lover,' to garner a more reciprocal relationship with our beautiful planet. We'll explore what ecosexuality is about from many perspectives: with panels, performances and moon pies. "All adults are welcome." Stephens and Sprinkle say enthusiastically. Cindy Baker, an artist from Canada, will unfurl the world's first ecosexual pride flag. 
            The artist-brides are looking for a few more sponsors and collaborators. On board are California Institute of the Arts, GT's Kombucha, Center for Sex and Culture, Good Vibrations, ONE Amazon Acai, and Luna Pads. They also invite individuals to contribute as backers through the Kickstarter fundraising platform. In exchange, backers get their names in the wedding program, moon-shaped tit prints, and Beth Stephens' sculptures of Annie Sprinkle's bronzed panties!
            "Unfortunately our marriage to the Moon will not be legal." the brides lament. "Nonetheless it is a most sacred union." They request that everyone please wear purple. The wedding is free and open to the public, "its a big, juicy, pollen-amourous labor of love."
            Some of the many performers and artists participating (in random order) are blues diva, Kandye Cane; professor and art-activist, Larry Bogad; ecosexual opera singer, Emma McNairy; flower boy/girl, Adam Harms; songstress, Kim Mears; fire hula-hooper, Sarah Starlight & Co; burlesque sensation and fire tassel queen, Lady Monster; songwriter, Xandra Coe; disgruntled heiress Naomi Pitcarin, Balkan seveda singer , Nada Miljkovic; performance artist Lian Amaris; film maker, Cheryl Dunye; Jordanian food artist, Diala Khasawnih; experimental musican, no.e sunflowrfish; tattoo performance, The Book Club; music composer, HB3; sex worker activist, Mariko Passion; Good Times magazine editor, Greg Archer; cake and puppet artist Pratbha; ritualist, Alan Tofelson; sexpert Jayme Waxman, flag artists Cindy & KC Baker, drag queen, Miss Prick, a troupe of Cal Arts students, Dylan Bolles, Hate Bear, newlywed artists, Jordan Tynes and Taylor McVay and many others. Directed by Bonnie Cullum.
             Some of the Ecosex Symposium presenters and artists: Ecosexual relationship coach and author, Deborah Taj Anapol Ph.D.; humanities professor author of seminal ecosex theory, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, Serena Anderlini, Ph.D.; Good Vibration's eco-sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D.; Hawaiian gender-queer porn star, Jiz Lee; performance artist, Tania Hamidi; ecosex comedian, EcoElf; Blisscoach University's Kamala Devi & Tantra Theater Group; ecosexologist, Dr. Robert Lawrence, Ph.D.; Israeli ecosexual art magazine editor, Ms. Use; artist, C. Finley; blogger, ecosex radio host, Spyce Spycey, and others to be announced. Moderated by adult film director/star, Veronica Hart.
Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens' Purple Wedding to the Moon
            Purple Wedding to the Moon
            Officiated by Reverend Billy with the Church of Life After Shopping Choir
            Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010
            FarnsworthPark Amphitheater, Los Angeles (Altadena), CA
            Gather: 6:00 PM, Ceremony: 6:30-8:00, Reception: 8:00-9:30
            Ecosex Symposium Honeymoon
            October 24th.  3:00-6:00 Panels, performances, moon pies.
            Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Ca.

Follow unfolding events at Poly Planet GAIA, http://polyplanet.blogspot.org
Courtesy of Ecosex Non-Profit 3WayKiss
Adults only.
PRESS PHOTOS of the bride-artists, Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle are available for download at http://loveartlab.org/press-gallery.php
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  http://www.loveartlab.org.
A complete list of performers, artist collaborators and symposium panelists will be posted soon.