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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love Sets Hearts on Fire - An Amorous Visions Calendar: Feb 22-March 6, 2014 in California

Dear Planet Lovers,

It's the night before the flight that starts a traveling period of about five months over several countries.  I only have a short time and I don't want to take off without the promised follow up to my newsletter announcements back in December.

Oh well . . . . where do I start?

The wedding: we did it!  The first plural wedding of ecosexual love in the Caribbean.  It really happened!  iI's done.  And it was a success. More: it was magic.  With everyone in the group listening to the invocation ministered by Heather Anne Trahan, and taking the vows to be Playa Azul's "spice." Wooow!  We were so amazingly diverse, yet united by this declaration of love for an ecosystem that I sincerely call my nurse, doctor, and lover.  She is very compersive and not at all jealous.  And now that we all share this lover we are all "metamours."  Lovers of a partner we share.  And since that day the shift in the energetic field all in and around the beach itself, ourselves, and those who come to enjoy nature, is just momentous.  We all share a lover, so we are all collaborative.  We were completely spontaneous and everyone was eager to be on camera. 

For me, and others I hear, emotions were high: to experience a "wedding" as freedom, peace, inclusion. When all feel part of it: more people, more "spice."  What a turn around!  Marriage? It's for everyone, ecosexual style.  Puralizing this institution: making it open, fluid, vibrant.  Acknowledging ecosystems as equals: as partners.  Thank you Playa Azul for choosing me 16 years ago and for keeping me safe, healthy, happy, at ease, and vibrant.  As an added bonus, when in the throes of this template production, an amazing team jelled up.  Our director, Shaison Ouseph, was on his first visit to Puerto Rico from Mumbai.  He learned all about us and got really enthralled, as you can see from the trailer he put out.  Many others pitched in, acknowledged with gratitude.  If you like what you see, let us know.  You can also join the conversation on the FB event page.  We are ready for the next episode in the series Hearts on Fire.  And we can bring the Hearts on Fire right where you are.  We we're taking calls and getting booked up! 

If you can't wait to hear more about Hearts on Fire, we have something coming up.  On Saturday, February 22, Hearts on Fire officially invites to a preview of Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You, at the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Non-Monogamy.  we start at 4 PM, at the Clark Kerr Center, Building 14, UCB, 2601 Warring St, Berkeley, CA, 94720.  It's a unique opportunity to preview and discuss the ecosexual art movie that will document the first plural wedding of ecosexual love in the Caribbean.  We're happy to present the project, share more trailers and photographs, and take questions.  Including: "how do I bring this healthy, and safe, and happy, and easy practice of ecosexual love to my families, my ecosystems, my communities?"  We look forward to being with you there.  Share with friends and invite.  Thank you!

This big wave of ecosexual love also helped congeal the energy of "Amorous Visions," the cinema studies project that brought me to Connecticut last year.  With her warm sunshine, caressing waves, clear waters, and blue horizon, it was easy for Playa Azul to attract, in one
day, some 15 "spice" (plural for the word "spouse," poly style).  No wonder she's an ecosystem conducive of such abundance.  We make movies about ecosexual love.  What if we interpret cinema as a study of ecosexual love?  Turns out the motion camera can really find out what happens to the energy of love in ecosystems toxic with fear.  The health and vitality of ecosystems does affect the quality of human relationships.  And yet, even when fear is rampant, love finds a way to survive.  Love for love: the code for this energy encapsulated in a virus, surviving for a better time.  This became the focus for UC Irvine and UC RiversideAmorous Visions: Sex, Genders, and Ecosystems of Love in Bertolucci and Cavani.  Talks are asfo.  Monday, March 3, at 2-3:15 PM at UCR.  Room HMNSS 2212 (English Department Conference Room), hosted by John Ganim for the auspices of the English Department and Queer Lab.  Wednesday, March 5, at 2:30-5:00 PM at UCI.  Room HG 101, hosted by Jonathan Alexander, with auspices from the Writign Center and the Gender and Sexuality Program.  These are al free univrsity event, and they are fun.  I promise.  All details and directions on the FB events page.  Join us.  We want to take your questions and practice inclusive democracy, ecosexuality style.

Speaking of which, UCSD choose a talk on Ecosexuality, and that's happening on Thursday, March 6, at 4:3-6:00 PMEcosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth, is the title for the in-the-works collection about ecosexuality I'm co-editing with Lindsay Hagamen.  We will be announcing this amazing collection of writings, and introducing the
Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle's Ecosexual Wedding
online platform for the book launch.  Teamwork here too. Go to www.orgasmicearth.org to find out who all is in the line up.  We will also introduce ecosexuality as the practice, theory, art, and activist that reveres the Earth as a lover and acknowledges her ecosystems as partners with significant and enduring rights.  We will focus on the practice of ecosexual weddings to ecosystems and forces of nature, as initiated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens in the seven-year project LoveArtLab.  We will explain the relatednes of ecosexuality and modern Tantra.  A don't miss.  Room: LGBT Center at UC San Diego.  Hosted by Pasquale Verdicchio, with auspices by the Literature Department and the LGBT Center.  All details and directions on the FB event page.  From wherever you are, this is worth a trip to La Jolla, San Diego.  Join us!

Finally, after March 6th, time for a break comes.  Here it's time for acknowledgements to all those who contribute to this calendar.  My hostess in Oakland, Spring Friedlander, with her
healthy, amorous, and inclusive community house.  My host in San Diego, Adam Paulman, whose inclusive amorous gifts are well recognized.  All the auspices and organizers, 
including my Deans, Manuel Valdez Pizzini and Felix Fernandez.  the administrative assistants at UPR Mayaguez who spent endless hours "comprobando" (=corroborating the evidence for) expenses and funds.  The teams of Te Amo Playa Azul, including film director Shaison Ouspeh, production coordinator Lloyd Sparks, emcee slash translator Maria Virginia Sanchez, liaisons with campus and organic farms Paola Pagan and Ricardo.  High priestess Heather Anne Trahan, who invoked the natural forces on the speaking of the vows.  All the "guests" and participants in the three workshops who were eager to be filmed as spontaneously as they came long.  And who embraced together the shared spouse.  All the inspiring minds in the 2012-13 Fellows group at UCHI, and its Director, Sharon Harris.  The students in Ecosexuality, including Adam Kocurek and Alexandra Mayer, and the WGSS Chair, Nancy Naples.  Please please please help spread word of upcoming events and invite your friends.  Thank you! 

If you want to catch up with me or invite me in and around the West Coast and the Bay Area, April is your chance.  My calendar is open.  Travel plans proceed with visits and rest in May, plus getting to team up more deeply in view of future plans.  Alessio, my oldest grandchild, turns 10 on May 15th.  He's an amazing student.  Thanks Paola Coda for bringing him up.  And we plan to spend it together with family and friends in Rome.  Visits to Cap d'Agde, France, in late June, and guests from Portland, Oregon, at PostaHouse in early July.  For all these programs, there is a place set at our table, if you choose to join us.  We have extra rooms in the chalets and camping room in the garden.  space is limited so let us know in advance.

More announcements coming as projects evolve.  They have a life of their own, and I, the "inspiring force," am only the conduit ever rushing to catch up with them.  So I hope you will forgive if this letter reads a bit rushed.  Oh well, I have a flight to catch.

Sending much love and all good wishes to all of you and your loved ones.  Thanks you for listening and opening up.  Stay tuned for more coming.  With all good wishes for a happy end of winter, spring, and summer.  Thank you!



Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
Author of Gaia, Eros, and many other books about love 
Professor of Humanities, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

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