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Monday, December 2, 2013

Playa Azul Sets Hearts on Fire - Jan 25th, 2014: Save the Date for an Inclusive Wedding of Ecosexual Love

Dear Planet Lovers,

I've missed you! It's the gift season and I come with good news from Gaia.  A warm welcome to all new contacts.  It's been a momentous year and there's a lot to announce: Campaigns, films, beach events, weddings, watsu, health info, books-in-progress, referrals, courses, and tips on community expansion.  I don't want you to miss a word, so pray bear with me now.  

What's the news?  Gaia is gay and happy about it: it's been scientifically proven now!  Yes: gay as in happy, cheerful, cheered-up.  Why?  Because Gaia means gay!  And the ecosexual fashion of marrying Earth's hottest spots is getting the whole planet fired up.  We at Playa Azul are doing our part.  Playa has been a loving doctor, a nurse, a spouse.  We are marrying her and invite you to kiss the bride. The gift season is a perfect time.  Can't you feel that the desire to give?  Only 10 days left.  Give to Hearts on Fire now! 

Gaia, the symbiotic planet, is also our most compersive lover.  Here at Poly Planet Gaia we have designed a film series about ecosystems joyful enough to sustain open practices of love.  We are a team now, and Hearts on Fire: Together in Ecosexual Love is blessed with the talent of Shaison Ouseph: a director who turns common footage into art.  Our funding campaign is running.  Plural weddings of ecosexual love are videographed projects of socially engaged art hosted wherever inclusive, fluid practices of love are found.      

Our goal is offering models as diverse as they come.  Our perks are fantastic: from a stay at Playa Azul (Puerto Rico) with its balmy Tropical climate, to bodywork sessions with Goddess Judicci ("poet of the body"), to a plural wedding invite, plus our first art docu-film and a page-turner novel by Louisa Leontiades.  This feast of poly diversity has all the juices, details, emotions, and flair of ecosexual love.  It's the Season of Gifts.  And here's your opportunity to fund a project that's truly visionary.  Don't miss it!
Check the video and become a sponsor now.  Gaia winks "thank you, beloved!"

Wedding to Playa Azul, Jan 25, 2014, 11am-8pm
How have we transformed this neglected beach into a cherished bride?  It's easy to find out.  As a Season's Gift from my truest heart, I invite you to Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You.  The first project of Hearts on Fire documents this transformation.  Playa Azul is the beach under my terrace who's blessed me with inclusive ecosexual love.  For the past 16 years, she has turned rivals into metamours, jealousy into compersion, fear into love. I've loved her like a permaculture garden, with uva playera trees to shade visitors naturally as more planet lovers gather at sunset time.  The universe blessed me with this place from where to tell the world about ecosexual love.  

Actually, I was away from Playa Azul last year, and, as I got sick, I realized, literally, I could not live without her.  The music of her waves caresses ashore and her gentle sounds charm many others.  We are Playa Azul lovers, and, together, we will marry her.  We are not jealous.  Join and you'll get to kiss the bride.  The all-day program is exciting: Workshops to connect with one's inner landscape, with one another, with the ecosystem's liminal quality: a treat for aquaphiles and terraphiles.  A ritual to wed the shared bride at dusk, followed by watsu, dance, song, free leisure time.  Massage, Reiki, refreshments, and more on the sidelines.  Space is limited.  Save the date: January 25th, 2014, 11:00AM-8:00PM.  There is no charge as long as you sign up early enough.  Let us know of your participation now.  How?  Mark yourself as Going on the Facebook Event.  Go to the campaign page and donate at least $ 1:00.  Claim your perk as Azure BrideGroom.  You will be registered automatically.  Claim your free book when you arrive. Click here for more travel and lodging info.

For those already in Puerto Rico at this time, we've opened a Watsu Circle in the Area Oeste.  Watsu: Massage by Water meets every Friday 5:30-8:30PM. Mark yourself as Going on the Facebook Event and check for updates. Watsu is the art of loving and healing by water.  The word comes from water and shiatsu, the Japanese style of massage that heals by touching the body's meridians.  
The practice consists in giving and receiving massage by water.  A giver will hold and gently lull a receiver while he or she floats in warm water.  Watsu involves surrender and trust.  It can alleviate many conditions and lower stress.  Some report experiencing a sense of bliss from pre-natal life.  It's important to clear one's aura before practice.  Please bring your swim suits, towels, drinking water, and comfort nibble foods.  Three loving friends are already part of this.  Mirta, Maria, and myself love Watsu.  Can you see the afterglow after our latest practice?  Join us for a free workshop at the Punta Arenas pool next Friday.

All workshops and rituals are facilitated in a cross-cultural manner.  Do you love the Earth?  Marry an ecosystem with us!  When it comes to choosing a beach as one's bride, there are no restrictions of genders, numbers, orientations, ages, colors, origins, species, or biological realms.  Your pets, relatives, partners, best friends, spouses are welcome.  Join us!

Shaison Ouseph
Documenting transformation requires art.  Playa Azul is the ecosystem that sustains the inner marriage of Serena and Gaia.  This perfect union sustains my creative life.  Why is this symbiosis so vibrant?  How does it radiate to others?   What synergy of public and private, personal space and shared grounds brings it about?  We are blessed with film director Shaison Ouseph.  Over the social media we've developed appreciation and a collaborative style.  He joins us from Mumbay, India, with Veritas Poductions, and will be in residence January 18-30: an extended period to empower his camera to study the movement and time that brought about this perfect match.  What is the SerenaGaia effect?  We plan to explore in depth and widely toward a template that is both visionary and accurate. We intend to document a microcosm that models a symbiotic planet. Colleagues, friends, neighbors, community members, partners who resonate are invited to speak up.  We look forward to working with you.  Thanks Shaison!

One more fun thing about Hearts on Fire is that it's so exciting I've been invited to talk about it even before it starts.  Wow!  The International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy has scheduled me for a presentation on Saturday, February 22nd, in Berkeley, CA.  I plan to be there.  Thanks Dave Doleshal. 

More joys are fabric to this writing.  I have been blessed with friends, students, relatives, partners who have teamed up to actualize projects we launched, and keep me healthy and vital during last summer's crisis at the end of the UCHI appointment.  Thanks Teri, Bruce, Karen, David, Noel, Maurice, Bob, Pat, Helen, Valerie, Luca, and Paola for keeping
Paola Coda
me alive when my health was failing as the transition back to Puerto Rico and summer travel overlapped.  A huge stone had taken up residence in my kidney.  It all was rather picaresque: one outpatient surgery in Hartford, CT, two in Rome, Italy, and the residual stent taken out here in Mayaguez, PR.  Thanks to Carlo Molinari, urologist, writer, musician, for pulverizing that 16mm monster obstructing the urethral tract.   It was a great lesson in being humble and allowing others to take charge, while appreciating knowledge of the medical system I typically lack.  I felt so blessed with the love of my daughter Paola who interrupted her life to take care of me.  She and Luca, my brother lined up the best doctors in my hometown to quickly act on my behalf.  Paola's children Alessio and Leonardo were so amorous.  David, my travel companion, was patient beyond words.  I owe you all my life: thanks so much!

Leda, Leonardo, 1530
Students at UPR Mayaguez have been responsive and excited, with me being present and vibrant after the year of intellectual nirvana at UCHI.  The Western Civilization course in the Humanities is a study of how love was practiced across time and space.  In our Facebook Group I see lots of self-expression in action.  Love, the supreme emotion, is a cosmic energy and and art.  It can be properly generated and channeled when talents are trained in its practice.  The Italian cinema course focuses on how art film studies the quality of ecosystems that host human life, and their effect on the quality of human love.  We made a lot of progress in both classes.  Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You is a natural segue: all are invited and many have signed up.  We look forward to this cross fertilization of academic and community education cum socially engaged art. 

Lindsay, 4th from left, and others at Windward
Other projects are making strides.  For the ecosex collection, from Windward, WA comes co-editor Lindsay Hagamen.  Our collaboration is thriving.  It's wonderful to have younger minds in one's creative life, where age barriers are overcome and emotional intelligence circulates with elegance and panache.  Many exciting contributions on the table.  We have a title: Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth, or perhaps Planet?  Not sure yet.  Let us know how they sound.  Thank you!

Amorous Visions, from The Conformist
Amorous Visions: Fluid Sexual Moments in Italian Cinema was a success at UCHI, repeated at UPR Rio Piedras plus Mayaguez.  Thanks Karin Weyland for the invite.  It will be the occasion for a trip to my Alma Mater, UC Riverside, and its neighbor, UC Irvine, where a talk is in the plans for early March.  Thanks John Ganim and Jonathan Alexander.  Any other takers? I'll be in California for an extended period and am open to more such invites.  The talk is about how film studies movement and time to find out how ecosystems host human love and life, with special attention to amorous inclusiveness and sexual fluidity in a truly Deleuzian manner.  My technology is state of the art, thanks to UCHI.  Write me soon and we can negotiate an presentation.  I'll stay tuned.  Thank you!

A period of much learning, wisdom, and joy has opened up.  Going deeper into Beyond Monogamy practices with Kamala Devi is a great way to become a more inclusive, more fluid planet lover. Reid Mihalko plans to teach all the geekery necessary to get the message out.  I signed up for his Summer Camp and look forward to going back to Easton Mountain.  Reid claims it's depth, in relationships, that counts.  Depth results in longevity when the synergy is right.  Playa Azul was in my heart as the dreary winter of New England
Punta Arenas at Playa Azul
devitalized me.
  She has nursed me back to health and I'm honored to finally recognize her.  Getting back into the swing of things from the blessed laboratory slash temple slash sanctuary of my Punta Arenas apartment, I appreciate this playful hostess and faithful companion.  Can you see the elongated, pristine body of our bride, sun-kissed at dusk?  The tip (punta), of Punta Arenas, is excited.  She reverberates with the emotions, memories, trances that compose the ecologies of love.  Relationships have a lot to do with the quality of the ecosystems that host our lives.  Good for those made to share these blessed moments with us.

Condominio Punta Arenas
"Et vous?" as they say in France.  What ecosystems are nurturing your practices of love?  Where are your vital energies sourced from?  Puerto Rico is the island where Cristobal Colon, in his error, first arrived.  A US affiliate now.   I often wondered why the universe decided I was meant to be on this sand-made tip.  Now I have the answer: Punta Arenas has been a great investment in my life. And I'm supposed to energize an ecosexual community of like-minded friends and amorous companions who share love beyond conventional boundaries and embrace all of life as a partner with equal rights.  We, the residents of Playa Azul, have taken care of this garden for almost two decades now.  There are many more apartments.  We're expanding and like-minded people are invited.  Playa Azul is a wisdom-years paradise: an investment in safety, happiness, health, ease, love.  What could be more charming?  Sounds exciting?  Ask to connect with the right contacts.  We'll be happy to help you out.  

Stay tuned for updates: More details coming about all mentioned projects and more in forthcoming months.   I will be on leave next semester, and have arranged for poly/ecosex friendly housing in Berkeley for late February to end of April, with visit to San Diego in early March.  Appreciation for the hosts is abundant.  What about my bride?  Playa Azul is in perfect shape now.  She'll miss me, and our circle is in charge: I'm sure she'll feel well loved.  Thank you dear aquaphiles! 

Dear Planet Lovers:

Thank you for listening this far.  Your patience is admirable.  Can't you feel how gay Gaia is now?  Gay, as in Nietzsche "gay science," namely loved, vital, joyful, merry, connected, teeming with life.  Why?  Because ecosexuals are marrying her.  We're acknowledging the compersion, the hospitality, the enchantment she brings to our love lives.  
Let "nature" be our teacher in the arts of love.  Education is the heart of democracy.  Education to love: a supreme emotion, a cosmic energy, an art that inspires knowledge and more art. 
Suggestions?  Questions?  Comments?  Donations?  Replies?  I look forward to hearing from you on all counts. Write to serena.anderlini@gmail.com.  With all good wishes and namaste.  In devotion,


Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
Author of Gaia, Eros, and many other books about love 
Professor of Humanities, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
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