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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3WayKisses from Gaia - Summer & Fall Calendar in the Arts of Loving

Hi lovely Earthlings!

Gaia sends 3WayKisses and warm wishes to all of you!  Happy spring, summer, and fall seasons!

In the midst of planetary transformation, we have been navigating the shift on multiple helms.  The ecosexual movement is picking up steam, and we are honored to be part of it.  Let's treat Gaia like a lover, hostess, mother, we respect and revere!

Teaching students about the arts of loving as practiced in the early modern and modern period has been a joy rewarded with the good fortune to complete the academic year.  Veronica Franco and Giacomo Casanova are always big hits.  This year we also got in Ntozake Shange and bell hooks!  Remembering BiReCon and orchestrating BiTopia, the volume that collects its proceedings, has been another reward for yours truly.  Bi is "kewl"!  Bi Social Network interviews.  Listen here, click April 20.  We wish many more bi conferences in the future and were asked to celebrate 10 years of bisexuality with an occasional piece.  What recognition! 

Gaia's Shore, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Defending human rights and and shoring the assault on the public sector in Puerto Rico has been a priority as our university bleeds some of its best and most qualified people. Aprum and its allies have been helpful in supporting this.  With our livelihoods under assault, we've been keenly aware of how ugly greed looks when it's desperate with fear.  Meanwhile Gaia tends its shores with the sweet waves of the Caribbean.  The oceans have not inundated beach communities, and the dry season has been unusually cool.  Gaia's patience is admirable in the context of human ingratitude.  Fukushima's radiation sears complex organisms with the Petkau effect that stores toxicity in our tissues.  Perhaps Gaia is waiting for ecosexuals to soar and teach the arts of loving that can shift planetary consciousness to manifest an energy field that can heal nature from human abuse.  

Annie and Beth
The summer and fall calendars have now firmed up with a series of events devoted to the arts of loving consciously and inclusively as an ecosexual path to world peace, joy, health, and well being.  Are we going to succeed?  Time will tell, and in the meanwhile, let's bet on our own duly acquired, time-tested wisdom.  Read what Modern Love Muse thinks!
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Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire
The first event is approaching soon.  Ecosexual Unite for an Ecosex Symposium & Art Exhibit, says the press release Coming up on June 17-19!  Ecosex artists extraordinaire Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens produce at the new Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.  What an honor to be invited to speak! Ecosex Symposium II & Art Exhibit is where art meets theory meets practice meets activism.  What synergy could be more complete?  Yours truly with her new persona, Gaia Gilf will be reading from the preamble of her new book, What's Ecosexual Love? (G is for grandma--or nonna, as they say in Italy--because Gaia, the third planet, is old enough to be a wise and seasoned teacher in the arts of love too.)  Interpreting love as an art is key to a culture's ability to generate inventiveness, joy, creativity, and wisdom.  Ecosexual love is what cures nature from human abuse.  The ecosexual movement is the tidal force of that cure.  Time to join in! Don't miss a beat: The symposium is up and seats are limited.  Get yours for only $ 35!  For ecoliscious lunch add $ 15. Find out more and sign up immediately when you click this link

Fakistra beach, Greece
Next in line is yours truly's trip to Kalikalos, Greece, the holistic community that hosted her seminars on "Gaia and Amorous Resources: What's Holistic about Poly?" last year, with Bonobo Coaching sessions to follow up on the epiphanies that ensued.  I sure don't know what it is, but when a culture is replete with such ancient wisdom, the dualisms of modernity don't seem to make a big difference.  Things are all so integrated, so symbiotic it's not even worth mentioning that we're all part of the same living ecosystem.  If sharing resources is what creates abundance, why not go the poly way and figure out how to share resources of love too?  Kalikalos is an inclusive international community held together by host extraordinaire Jock Millenson, an admirer of Zegg and scholar of intentional communities.  Kalikalos hosts great facilitators, including Brad Branton of Radical Honesty Rag.  Check it out here.  This summer the trip includes yours truly's beautiful daughter Paola and her two wonderful children, Alessio and Leonardo.  We will be there June 25th to July 8th.  Sign up for a holistic vacation during that period and you'll find out how to make your love life more holistic, with the added bonus of Bonobo Coaching open to you.
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Five days of Ecosexuality in Italy with yours truly and Robert Silber comes up right next, July 16-21.  This is the first multilingual course on this theme, with an experiential and theoretical curriculum.  When Conscious Sensuality meets 3WayKiss things can become quite interesting.  The ecosexual arts of conscious loving become real.  Translator extraordinaire Veronika Reizner, also a holistic healer, joins the team from Austria too.  Participants come from as far as Turkey and New Zealand and everywhere in between.  We will be in the heart of the Alps, mountains of pristine beauty.  Enjoying the taste of Italian cuisine.  What could be a better setting for an ecosexual consciousness about to break lose?  A few slots are left for those with a strong interest.  Check it out here and grab one immediately!  The cost goes up to full price on May 31st.

Zegg is next with its Summercamp week, July 22-29.  In the heart of Germany's eastern region, this intentional community models open relationships and shared living in ways that are exemplar and unique.  Summercamp is their holistic-organization week.  The core groups opens up to visitors.  "Eros and Community" is this year's theme. Yours truly signs up to peak in.  Her chance to learn how to organize expanded families based on sexual fluidity and amorous inclusiveness. 

Toronto, Canada
Last and by all means not least is a trip to Toronto, for the fall Canadian edition of the ISTA Conference, the International School of Temple Arts.  The arts of loving are sacred to Gaia: they are the source of all life, creativity, consciousness, healing.  Accordingly, the Toronto team has secured the Bathurst Center, an educational space in culture, arts, and media.  The team is gang-ho about ecosexual love too.  Yours truly will be leading workshops and keynoting on her favorite theme.  What an honor to be invited to speak!  Toronto is vibrant with intellectual energy applied to the arts of loving and healing.  Yours truly has mobilized all her friends, acquaintances, and co-leaders to participate in this.  It will be a path-breaking experience, an epiphany for healers and artists of love to synergize the planetary consciousness that allows ecosexual love to heal nature from human abuse.  Join us and be part of the paradigm shift to the world we need.  Love of love is sacred and the art of teaching it is revered.  More on this as things evolve.  Stay tuned.  Follow our blog for updates, join our list, and "like" the Gaia page" on Facebook.  It all pays off when you get to hear what intriguing things we've been up to!
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On this note, we wish a joyful summer to the entire planet and all of you.  The masses are in an uproar in the Mid West and the Middle East.  Meanwhile, the new rich of the digital era hide their billions in secret vaults based in Treasure Islands where tax is moot.  What kind of politics is this?  We at 3WayKiss have solutions.  The new politics of love we propose is ecological and sexy too.  Vive ecosexuality!  Stop third planet abuse!  As a summertime resolution, can we pledge to practice love and respect for our lovely hostess?  Let's hope Gaia finds more patience within.  Meanwhile, thanks to Annie and Beth for their lovely pictures.  Get more here! 


Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire
Author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love and many other books
Professor of Humanities
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
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Sunday, May 22, 2011


MAY 22, 2011

Contact: Center for Sex and Culture (415) 902-2071
Femina Potens Press: Malia Schaefer feminapotenspress@gmail.com 
Serena Anderlini: serena.anderlini@gmail.com
 iphone: (787) 538 1680 
Annie Sprinkle annie@anniesprinkle.org 
Elizabeth Stephens: bethstephens@me.com

San Francisco, Ca.


What's an ecosexual? Why are skinny-dipping, tree-hugging and mysophila so pleasurable? Where is the e-spot? Can the budding ecosexual movement help save the world? Who are the ecosexuals? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the Ecosex Symposium II- a public forum where art meets theory meets practice meets activistism.

The organizers of these events are Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a feminist-porn-star and artist, turned "sexecologist," and Elizabeth Stephens, a UCSC art professor and environmental activist. The two women explain, "As a strategy to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with our abused and exploited planet, we are changing the metaphor from the Earth as mother, to Earth as lover."

Artists and sybaritic cougars, Sprinkle and Stephens kick off the weekend with their "Ecosex Manifesto" an art exhibit with new collages, their ecosex wedding videos and ephemera, ecosexual photographs, and a wall text with their manifesto. Stephens and Sprinkle create art that aims to inspire more love and appreciation for the Earth and environment. The art exhibit and symposium are sponsored by Femina Potens Gallery and all events will happen at the new Center For Sex & Culture at 1349 Mission Street. The artists got a cultural equity grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission to help make it all possible.

Ecosexual theorist and author of seminal text, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, Serena Anderlini, Ph.D. is travelling from University of Puerto Rico to present the keynote, What is Ecosexual Love? A Guide to the Arts and Joys of Amorous Inclusiveness. In this production by 3WayKiss, she'll impersonate a GILF. Good Vibration's resident sexologist, Carol Queen, Ph.D., will be discussing ecorotic issues in the sex toy industry and The Sexology of Ecosexuality. Dr. Robert Lawrence, Ph.D. will cover ecosex fetishes. Also presenting are Madison Young, an award winning queer porn movie director and artist who will cover the Greening of the Sex Industry. Artist Tania Hammidi will do a dance piece about conflict, genocide and olive trees. There will be a special ecosexi-love-a-licious vegan raw lunch by Becka Shertzer's Brazennectar and Mister Cream. Other presenters are artist musicians Dylan Bolles & Sasha Hom, yogi and academic Amy Champ, and the legendary porn actress Dr. Sharon Mitchell who will talk about the sensuality of gardening. Author of the book Ecosex, Stephanie Iris Weiss will be skyping in from New York for a panel. Erospirit Institute director, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. will expound on the spiritual aspects of ecosexuality. Other speakers will present on many more aspects of this budding new sexual movement. There will also be an open forum for symposium participants to share their work and thoughts.

Although Stephens and Sprinkle use humor in their work, they are very serious about engaging ecosex as an environmental activist strategy. They aim to, "make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse." Additionally, they'd like to see an "E" added to GLBTQI.

PRESS PHOTOS: Available at http://loveartlab.org/press-gallery.php

INFORMATION AND TICKETS: http://www.sexecology.org/

Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18
Sunday, June 19 10:00-1:30
ECOSEX SYMPOSIUM 11 ($35. No one turned away for lack of funds.)
10:30 AM to 10:45 PM


The Ecosex Manifesto Art Exhibit by Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle will be open for public viewing through July 24th.
Gallery Days and Hours: Thursdays and Fridays: 6/23 + 6/24 2:00-5:00 PM, 6/30+ 7/1 2:00-5:00 PM, 7/21 + 7/22 2:00-5:00 PM Or by appointment with the Center for Sex & Culture.


June 16, 8:00 Femina Poten's ECOSEXUAL QUEER PORN NIGHT-At ATA
June 19 5:00-7:00 DIRTSTAR PERFORMANCES at the Tenderloin National Forest/Luggage Store

What is 3WayKiss?  We're a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about the arts of loving and their infinite forms of expression, especially those that are playful, joyful, healthy, open, sustainable, and inclusive.  We intend to foster a public climate where the arts of loving are seen as a form of the arts of healing, and the global effort to create an emotionally sustainable planet where trusting others and sharing resources is seen as the source of abundance and peace in the world. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Berlusconi e gli altri presidenti - David Crowe

David Crowe

Berlusconi e gli altri presidenti

Silvio Berlusconi e Veronica Lario
Non si può parlare di Silvio Berlusconi senza una discussione sul sesso e le attività sessuali di questo presidente del consiglio dei ministri italiano. La moglie di Berlusconi ha chiesto il divorzio perché lui, un uomo che ha settantaquattro anni, ha regalato una collana costosa, d’oro e diamanti, a una ragazza che aveva solo diciotto anni. La ragazza chiama Berlusconi “Papi” ma nessuno è sicuro se Berlusconi è il suo amante o suo padre per una storia d’amore di venti anni fa. Un'altra volta Berlusconi ha detto che non ha mai pagato per fare sesso ma, di fatto, paga sempre per far sesso sebbene indirettamente. Molte ragazze giovani non hanno desiderio del corpo e l’anima di questo vecchio uomo ma vogliono un po’ dei suoi soldi e del suo potere. Per esempio, la moglie di Berlusconi era un’attrice in film di serie ‘B’ e ha vent’anni meno di Berlusconi. Si sarebbe sposata Berlusconi nel 1990 se lui non avesse avuto il potere e i soldi? Vent’anni fa Berlusconi l’ha desiderata con la sua giovinezza di allora che oggi è svanita. Berlusconi prende le donne a noleggio, non ne ama nessuna.
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
Sarkozy è il Napoleone di Francia –  un autocrate e anche basso. È un po’sensibile alla sua statura e qualche volta sta sulla punta dei piedi e ha le scarpe con i tacchi alti. In questo caso si è sposato un’ereditiera con altezza, potere e soldi – la celebre cantante, compositrice ed ex modella, l’Italiana Carla Bruni. Forse Sarkozy ha sperato che la sessualità ignea di Carla producesse un’aura di sessualità in lui. Forse per Carla, Sarkozy è una porta per un nuovo tipo di potere internazionale.
Che e piu brutto, Berlusconi o W?
In America è diverso. Un presidente può mostrare solo un accenno di sessualità o niente. I due Bush, per esempio, non emanavano nessun senso di sessualità. Penso che sia perché  i Bush sono Repubblicani e il Partito Repubblicano in America è il più moralista del mondo ad eccezione dell’Arabia Saudita. La sessualità per un puritano deve esistere solo dentro le porte chiuse della camera matrimoniale e le due persone devono essere un uomo e una donna. In realtà è un livello d’ipocrisia severissima. Per esempio, durante la campagna vice-presidenziale di Sara Palin, sua figlia ha avuto un bambino prima delle nozze. Molti repubblicani sono omosessuali (nel ripostiglio). Per esempio, nel 2010 George Rekers, un repubblicano attivista contro l’omosessualità, ha visitato l’Europa con un “rent boy,” un prostituto per “portare le mie valigie.”
Hillary: bellezza intelligente
I politici del Partito Democratico hanno un po’ più di sessualità ma nessuno deve sapere se ciò è al di fuori delle nozze (o con una persona dello stesso sesso). Non era sufficiente per JFK che aveva una moglie bellissima – aveva anche molte amanti, Marilyn Monroe per esempio, ma nessuno lo sapeva quando era ancora vivo. Dopo la morte di JFK, Jackie ha usato la sua sensualità e il suo poter per rubare Onassis dalla cantante Maria Callas. Il potere della presidenza aumentava la desiderabilità di Jackie.
Quando si viene a sapere di una relazione extraconiugale prima delle elezioni, la carriera del candidato è finita. Una famosa foto del politico democratico Gary Hart con una giovane donna seduta nel suo grembo a bordo della nave “Monkey Business” (“Affari di Scimmie”) gli ha impedito di guadagnare la presidenza. Più recentemente, quando John Edwards ha ammesso che ha avuto un bambino con un’amante un’altra possibilità di presidenza è fallita. Berlusconi non potrebbe prendere fiato negli Stati Uniti.
Jimmy Carter era un’eccezione, un democratico senza sessualità o sensualità. Ma perfino lui ha causato uno scandalo quando ha detto che ha desiderato alcune donne che non erano sua moglie. Carter lo ha detto semplicemente per spiegare perché non esprime i giudizi morali sulle altre persone.
Hillary e Barak: belli, no?
Ci sono stati molti problemi con Bill Clinton che ha avuto molte amanti segrete. Monica Lewinsky è stata la più intelligente perché, dentro l’età dell’analisi di DNA, ha messo l’abito con il seme di Clinton in una cassaforte. Se questa prova non fosse esistita il governo l’avrebbe fatta passare per bugiarda e forse lei avrebbe avuto un incidente sfortunato. Con la sua sensualità è riuscita a far mentire Clinton e per questo motivo Clinton stava per perdere la presidenza.  Ma quando Bush ha mentito sul Iraq e i WMD inesistenti niente è accaduto, anche se dal punto di vista politico la bugia era molto più grave. 
Michelle Obama e Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
L’ultimo presidente degli Stati Uniti è anche molto sensuale e ha una moglie bella. Obama ha cambiato il suo paese perché ha la pelle nera ma anche perché ha ammesso, quando era candidato, di aver avuto una relazione dopo sue nozze con Michelle.
È progresso? Sicuramente la sensualità e la sessualità di un presidente non sono importanti. Spero che un giorno avremo i presidenti che non debbano nascondere la loro sessualità né ostentarla. Spero anche che un giorno avremo più presidentesse con la sensualità naturale in cui si possa confidare.

Il problema è che noi cittadini richiedano ad un presidente di ricoprire il ruolo di un personaggio di una favola non nella verità.

About the Author

David Crowe studied biology in university but was more fascinated by the software he wrote to produce 3-dimensional graphs and started a career in computer programming in the 1980s. This soon morphed into the design and standardization of cellular phone systems. His interest in and concern for the biological world continued, however, leading him to help found the Green Party of Alberta in the early 1990s and, a few years later, to start questioning the HIV=AIDS connection. This led to his founding of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society in 1999 and to his election as president of Rethinking AIDS in 2008. He organized the successful RA 2009 conference and is planning another for late 2011. He has been learning Italian since 2007 to exercise the other side of his brain and because it's such a beautiful language.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Assuaging AIDS Fears: The Eco-Sexual Arts of Sharing Love

As an author and cultural analyst, I have touched on the topic of AIDS on several occasions, before Montagnier's interview and when the issue was really embattled.  I have also been publically attacked.  And certain venues have banned me.  Cultural interpretation is extremely important in all areas of knowledge, including medicine.  Now that more is becoming apparent about the multiple perspectives from which AIDS can be interpreted and why, it is time to pronounce myself in a clear and succinct position statement that will help others orient themselves in relation to what I know and where I stand.

In my observation, when science production is commodified for profit by the private interests of Big Pharma, what often happens is that most virologists become "of the virus party."  This literary expression implies that they may (inadvertently perhaps) start rooting for the viruses they are researching.  In this case, their commitment to put humans first and protect us from harm might slip to the back of their minds.  After all, if they can prove that the virus they study causes real harm, they may get the Nobel Prize.  This mindset is a betrayal of the Hippocratic oath that all medical scientists are sworn to, namely "first do no harm."  Why?  Because believing that one is ill can cause one to die.  Medicine CAN "do harm" and that's why the Hippocratic oath is still practiced.  In Greek, the word "pharmakon" means poison.  Next time you refill your meds, think about it.
(This theory is explained in "Of the Virus Party," a wide-ranging section of my book Gaia and the New Politics of Love.)

Jumping to conclusions about a putative pathogen can be good to a virologist's career. However, it is potentially harmful to humankind because human health is multifactorial and related to the emotional and physical ecology that surrounds human life. 

HIV testing is the first step on this path.  The reliability of the test has been seriously questioned on all counts.  Furthermore, anonymous testing has been banned in countries where health care is for profit and private.  It is allowed and encouraged in countries with universal heath-care systems that function well and are free of charge, including France, Italy, and many others.  It would appear that as long as science cannot cure a disease, for the protection of individuals against medical error and other abuses of power, anonymous testing should be allowed.  For those without access to anonymous testing in their home countries, self-test kits can be ordered from Switzerland for about $ 40.  They are very easy to use at home and quite reliable.  Confidential testing is only anonymous as long as there is no error or positive result.

Testing anonymously can help one feel better and safer.  It can help assuage fears for oneself, one's partners, and partners of partners.  As a person who's been med-free for over 25 years now, I have come to rely on meditation, nutrition, healthy emotional and physical environment, good connectedness with self, a fulfilling and diverse amorous life, and inner balance, rather than testing and chemical drugs.  Attributing excessive significance to testing is not wise since by and large one's health is proportional to the strength of one's immune system rather than absence of exposure to pathogens.  Erotic, amorous, sensual, and affectional expression are big factors in the health picture of everyone.

What I bring to this conversation is also my experience as participant observer in erotic communities where resources of love are shared--and therefore abundant--as in those that practice some form of polyamory and/or bisexuality.  People in these communities typically have sex with a limited number of partners, sometimes simultaneously and over an extended period of time.  Typically this happens with full disclosure for all involved, including disclosure of number of partners and their health status.

My wisdom is that in these contexts, some measure of safer sex is highly desirable.  We live in a time when the foundations upon which human knowledge is based are shifting.  Not surprisingly, people's different understandings of STDs are not aligned enough for everyone to feel safe and comfortable otherwise.  Plus, not all diseases known to the public have a standard cure.

There is a wide range of safer-sex practices, referring, in general, to superficial body fluids, like saliva, and deep body fluids, like sperm, female ejaculate, and blood.  Safer sex practices can vary.  Complete safety typically implies dry kissing, barriers in oral sex, and condoms in penetration.  Deep-fluid only safety is also practiced, involving condoms for penetration.  These two different levels of safety can be practiced by the same person with different partners, with the second one typically for more intimate and long-term partners.  The practice of fluid bonding is reserved for partners with deep emotional bonding and trust.  Changing levels of safety involves acceptance of such change from other involved partners.
(Some of the difficulties in educating oneself and others about these practices over several world regions are narrated in my memoir, Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves.)

These are articulate degrees of protection.  My experience is that they help to preserve the health and safety of a given erotic community, in which different people have different degrees of vulnerability, with--as a general tenet--more medication more vulnerability.

Some members of these erotic communities may be HIV positive, with the knowledge of their partners and respect for appropriate regimens of safety.

Perhaps when more is known about AIDS in a verifiable, scientifically concordant manner, some of these rules may change.  Other STDs participants tend to be wary of are Genital Herpes and Warts.  By and large, my observation is that in these communities health is proportional to good nutrition, exercise, environment, low stress level, freedom, joy, and variety in erotic, sensual, and sexual expression--not to mention meditation, yoga, and other restorative activities.  It really has nothing to do with number of partners, gender of partners, frequency of sexual activity, or HIV status. 
(For readers with more curiosity about how my views have been attacked and how I interpret the genesis of AIDS in relation to cultural fears of anal pleasure, I refer to The G Tales, 1: What's in a Word? and 2: A Gut Feeling.)

My wish in expressing this pronouncement is to create more listening and understanding among all the different groups and agents that participate in cultural discourses of health, sexuality, and the arts of love.  We need interpretations of what constitutes health--including holistic sexual health--that reflect the experiences of those engaged in the practice of love.  My position is that when sexuality is practiced in ecological ways it is healthy.  This approach to AIDS tends to assuage fears and empower people to practice love.  This applies at the local and global level.

Living is and can only be safe in a world where it is safe to love.

For a live conversation with Reappraising AIDS activists, listen to my Interview with David Crowe and Celia Ferber in How Positive Are You?