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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3 of 3: The Initiatory Magic of Franca Rame

Dear Earthlings:

Have you enjoyed visit one and visit two?  We sure hope you have.  Here goes the third one: 

The Initiatory Magic of Franca Rame, cont'd

On this third visit the gifts are more magical, the lessons are deeper, and the threads come together in an interwoven tapestry.  Now I have a vast experience in the interdependent dynamics of co-creativity in a wider horizon of amorously inclusive collaborative alliances where dyads, albeit open, still count.  As a sexigenarian, I’ve
explored a vast array of relational possibilities in my life.  I have learned to love the person beyond gender because I have satisfied all my cravings for same-gender love.  I’ve come to the age of wisdom when one is at peace with premature recycling.  And I’ve organized my emotions around entire networks of interwoven relational tapestries where fluidity abounds, negotiation is an art, and safety keeps people in balance.  I also have a vast experience in collaborative writing, with men, with women, in same-age groups and dyads, and across generations.  I would not be where I am if Franca had not opened her door to me in that far back 1984. 

I do know why Franca Rame inspired me to explore the co-creative dynamics of her dyadic relationship with Dario, and why her initiatory power brought magic to my life. 

It was a very wise decision indeed.  I pledge to honor her magic and am humbled by her initiatory power. 

SerenaGaia, a.k.a. Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD

Playa Azul, Puerto Rico, 2014

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Note: To read and download more of SerenaGaia's scholar activist work, visit here page on Academia.edu:  https://uprm.academia.edu/SerenaAnderlini

Dear Earthlings:

This is the end of the article.  It's been a joy to be back on this blog site.  Thanks for staying with us.  Now we have much more to come as our teamwork book on Ecosexuality goes into production.  All about this amazing collection at these links:

Enjoy the love of the universe and all dear ones.  Stay tuned and check our social media websites.

All good wishes for a joyful Holiday Season.  



Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
Author of Gaia, Eros, and many other books about love 
Professor of Humanities, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

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