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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Letter about Myself - What Is Success and How Is it Measured?

Hi lovely Earthlings!

Last spring yours truly took a human potential course called Personal Passion Formula.  It's a way to push oneself to play out of the box and redesign one's life to suit new interests and inspirations.  

Students had to evaluate their current level of success and determine the values based on which success was measured for themselves.  

These are always somewhat sensitive moments and the value of these trainings is mainly introspective.  They force one to look within more closely. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

1 of 12 | Monday is for Religion: The Art of Connecting What's Not Really Separate

Hi lovely Earthlings!

Yours truly is back and she feels this sudden shift toward religion.  What is religion?  "Re-" for doing again something that was done before.  "Ligion" for linking together.   So it could be the art of connecting what was not separate but appears to be so.  

For one who was raised atheist religion is not exactly an easy conversation.  As a kid, I often felt the "god" we rejected was an entity of its own.  We simply had to brave the desire to "believe" there was any power in that.  Living a sling shot from the Vatican, we had no choice.  It was either "religion," and that meant Roman Catholicism, or "atheism," and that meant pushing Catholicism away.  

It was only as a student in California many years later that I realized people had different religions.  They were ok with the religion of their neighbors.  Did not try to convert them!  Then, I thought, these deities are all inventions!  They really don't exist outside people's imagination.  There's nothing out there that will get mad at you if you're not afraid.  Oh!  What relaxation!