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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 of 4 - EcoSex @ U Conn - Anapol's The 7 Natural Laws of Love - Student Responses: Rhiann's Take

Dear Earthlings:

The EcoSex course at U Conn is in process.  It's a great experience.  We are reading amazing books.  Thinking out of the box and across disciplines.  Students are sending their responses in, with discussion questions.  In class, we connect the dots: a holograph of what we've read together, the "required readings."  Multiple perspectives and good synergy.  Here, we offer a glimpse.  Deborah Anapol's The Seven Natural Laws of Love, was one of two introductory books.  We got four responses: from Alissa, Rhiann, Adam, and John.  

Here's Rhiann's take:

Response to Deborah Anapol's The Seven Natural Laws of Love

The Seven Natural Laws of Love is a text that I am generating an abundance of connections to. I appreciate the exercises scattered amongst the pages. Each one helped me to connect to the text. The exercise and section that I connected with most is the Longing for Love section in Chapter Two: The Law of Source. I have always wondered why it seems that I long for love more than my peers around me. Anapol explained longing in an analogy with fine chocolates. She wrote, “if you have never tasted chocolate, you do not crave it. Once you have sampled its delights, you want more. And once you’ve had fine chocolate, nothing less will satisfy you.” This analogy reassured me that indeed I have been deeply in love before and explained to me that this is why I will not settle for anything less.

            The second piece to this puzzle is that a longing for great love merely activates our quest. However, the quest to find this in someone else is not the answer. Chapter two explained that one must look for this love within themselves. The realization that, “ you feel love when you are being loving, not when you are being loved by another” is valuable. Before reading this text, I was aware of this. Recently, I have committed to guiding myself towards the person I was when I had been in love before in hopes to find it again. I started with self adjustments after hearing the age old quote along the lines of no one will love you until you love yourself. I have changed my diet and exercise habits to find peace with my body. I have started listening to the music I used to like the most. I have started therapy to work on my emotional issue. The list goes on and on. Strangely enough after a short time, I already feel like I am returning to the state of being I was in when I was my most happiest and in love. Even more strangely enough an intimate relationship seemingly just landed at my feet. My recent experiences and this section of the text have truly proved to me that I am love. Love is within me. To have the love I have been longing for since the first time I tasted it, I have to be love, and be in love with myself to be in love with others.

            The exercise in this section also really inspired me. It essentially instructed you to convince yourself that you already possess the love in which you seek and to practice this exercise when you feel that yearning. I definitely am going to continue to use this exercise. In terms of discussion, I would love to know if others were also inspired by this section. Do you think the exercise is valuable? Also, who amongst us is steadfast in their love that they have for themselves and others?

Rhiann Peterson
Published with permission

WGSS 3998 - Ecosexuality and the Ecology of Love
Prof. Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio
U Conn, Storrs, Spring 2013

Dear Earthlings:
Let "nature" be your teacher in the arts of love.  Education is the heart of democracy, education to love.  Come back for more wonders: Students Responses to appear every Tuesday.  Book Reports to be scheduled soon.  Check out our summer offerings:  Ecosexuality in Portland, OR, July 17-21.  Info and Registration here! 

Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
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