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Thursday, February 9, 2012

3WayKisses from Gaia - Opening the Aquarain Age with Sacred Gifts and Free Valentines

February, 2012
Hi lovely Earthlings!  


The age of Aquarius is here to bring sacred gifts and free Valentines.  Love is the ecology of life.  The water bearer weds the essence of Amrita, Eros, and Gaia into a virtual three-way kiss that's magic, open, and complete. Three, not two, is the perfect number--Dante said--because it spins the energy of love to wider and wider circles until it floods the cosmos and enshrines the planet.  Expanding love is the essence of ecosexuality.  Earth, sovereign source of life, is also a compersive partner: so patient, forbearing with us.  Drops of the sacred liquid wet the cosmos that enshrines her to keep her vibrant and alive.  

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 Our sacred gift to Gaia is PostaHouse, a school of love in Italy's central mountains, the Apennines.  Its vision is to educate the whole person and include our hostess, planet

earth, as a partner with equal rights.  Amrita was called Ambrosia in the ancient Mediterranean.  One drop of this sacred nectar was known to confer immortality.  At PostaHouse we tap on the fount of this liquid of pure pleasure to prove that love is an art.  Our doors are open for residencies and events, including workshops, trainings, courses, retreats.   

The water bearer who brings new life is John Overton, musician, shaman, and new resident-in-charge.  His devotion is key, his perspectives inspiring.  Click on image to find out what he's all about.  We believe that cosmic, planetary, spiritual, affectional, romantic, and erotic manifestations of love are life-giving when properly sustained and channeled.  

PostaHouse offers a unique bouquet of fragrant opportunities to co-evolve and contribute.  An intentional community and a holistic vacation center, this sacred space is devoted to transformative education in the arts of healing, loving, and living sustainably.  "A world  where it's safe to love is a world where it's safe to live" is its mantra.  The sustainable love we teach is for land, people, resources, arts.  Click on image for mission, values, spaces, locale, descriptions, seasons, rules, bookings. We're open--for residencies only--October to May included.  We gladly host events June to September included.  Requests are pouring in.  Send us yours.  Book PostaHouse now!  We'll pencil in the calendar and send you a free Valentine.  We express gratitude to Jeffrey Andreoni for activating the project, to Kalikalos, Greece, and to Ecosex . . . Sustainable Love, Facebook, for inspiration and sustenance. Click to Google Earth for PostaHouse.  

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 Love and knowledge are twins at heart.  How can we really appreciate something we know nothing about?  Self-knowledge is self love.  And it comes when we know and accept others for who they really are.  That's why relationships are so complicated. Bonobo Coaching is the answer.  Click on image to find out how.  As a free Valentine, Yours Truly offers a full coaching session to everyone who signs up for a workshop, books PostaHouse, or buys two of her books online.  Scroll up and down for available opportunities.  

 Expanding love in wider and wider circles is always a gift to us.  That's what the March 10-12 workshop in San Juan is designed for.  Sign up now for Ecosexuality: A Weekend wih the Arts of Loving Inclusively and benefit form gifts and discounts.  Learn to practice ecosexual love in Puerto Rico's caressing climate.  Space is limited.  Click on image to save your seats now!  And tune in to your potential as an artist and resource of love.  As a free Valentine, we offer a Bonobo Coaching session to everyone who signs up!  Never been to San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Need hospitality, travel tips?  Let us know how we can assist you. 

Expanding knowledge that comes from love is another.  As the age of Aquarius opens, Yours Truly's books are being recognized.   Gaia, Eros, The "Weak" Subject, BiTopia, Bisexuality and Queer Theory, Plural Loves, Women and Bisexuality : labors of love that charted new fields, memorialized experience, envisioned new paradigms, and helped launch new authors' careers.  When this begins to register all around, you know you've done something right.  To express her gratitude, Yours Truly offers a free Valentine to everyone who buys TWO titles titles online.  Your free Bonobo Coaching session awaits you.  Please send in proof of purchase plus the Coupon below by February 20th.  
"Education is the heart of democracy," Yours Truly claims as she supports the Occupy Movement and the way it redefines democracy as the horizontal practice of participation that includes all life.  Her UPR course Huma-Love is about the infinite ways that love has been practiced across ages and cultures.  Its videos are now available online.  For those well versed in Spanish, they are another free Valentine.  They are a prelude to her new projects: What Is Love? and Dialogs with Gaia, simple books that explain the basic questions of life, and an open-ended collection on Ecosexuality.  Would you like to contribute?  Check the call for papers here!  Thanks to collaborators and inspirers, including Kamala Devi, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, and Deborah Anapol.  Also, of course, thanks to UPR students at the Mayaguez campus for the new awareness created by action to save our institution from corporate greed.  We are the university and participation in the design of its future is invited!  Click on image to find out how. 
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For those based in Rome and vicinities Yours Truly offers another free Valentine.  Her late father, Luigi Anderlini,
 was a political figure who modeled integrity, passion, and love for humankind.  His career is now memorialized in a Il Ponte volume to be presented in the Italian Senate on February 21, at 4:30.  She is moved and invites you to celebrate this moment with her.  Click on image to see full invitation for protocols and etiquette.

Yours Truly wishes you a wonderful Valentine.  The best things in life are free.  Sacred gifts and free Valentines abound.  Pick your favorite and let us know how you share it!  Activate an Amrita fount and put each drop to good use.  Save a life, a plant, a species.  Enjoy every moment and imagine a life enchanted with the Earth as your partner.  

At 3WayKiss we love you!



SerenaSF2011 Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire
Pioneer of Ecosexuality
Founder of 3WayKiss and PostaHouse 
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Author of Gaia (2009), Eros (2006), and  
Award Winner with Nautilus and Finalist with Lambda
Editor of BiTopia (2011), Bisexualtity and Queer Theory (2012), Plural Loves (2005), Women and Bisexuality (2003) 

Professor of Humanities
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
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Author's Page/Lists all books: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001JS1VKA 

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Save 100%
Free Valentine:

On your first session of Bonobo Coaching, when you buy TWO books listed in Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio's Authors' Page on Amazon.com, when you enroll in the course Ecosexuality: A Weekend with the Arts of Loving Inclusively, or when you book PostaHouse. To redeem your coupon, please email us evidence of your purchase and/or donation at serena.anderlini@gmail.com. This coupon is transferable, so please forward to all those interested.  Thank you!  Please Note: This offer expires on February 20, 2012! 
Offer Expires: February 20, 2012

Sunday, May 22, 2011


MAY 22, 2011

Contact: Center for Sex and Culture (415) 902-2071
Femina Potens Press: Malia Schaefer feminapotenspress@gmail.com 
Serena Anderlini: serena.anderlini@gmail.com
 iphone: (787) 538 1680 
Annie Sprinkle annie@anniesprinkle.org 
Elizabeth Stephens: bethstephens@me.com

San Francisco, Ca.


What's an ecosexual? Why are skinny-dipping, tree-hugging and mysophila so pleasurable? Where is the e-spot? Can the budding ecosexual movement help save the world? Who are the ecosexuals? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the Ecosex Symposium II- a public forum where art meets theory meets practice meets activistism.

The organizers of these events are Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a feminist-porn-star and artist, turned "sexecologist," and Elizabeth Stephens, a UCSC art professor and environmental activist. The two women explain, "As a strategy to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with our abused and exploited planet, we are changing the metaphor from the Earth as mother, to Earth as lover."

Artists and sybaritic cougars, Sprinkle and Stephens kick off the weekend with their "Ecosex Manifesto" an art exhibit with new collages, their ecosex wedding videos and ephemera, ecosexual photographs, and a wall text with their manifesto. Stephens and Sprinkle create art that aims to inspire more love and appreciation for the Earth and environment. The art exhibit and symposium are sponsored by Femina Potens Gallery and all events will happen at the new Center For Sex & Culture at 1349 Mission Street. The artists got a cultural equity grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission to help make it all possible.

Ecosexual theorist and author of seminal text, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, Serena Anderlini, Ph.D. is travelling from University of Puerto Rico to present the keynote, What is Ecosexual Love? A Guide to the Arts and Joys of Amorous Inclusiveness. In this production by 3WayKiss, she'll impersonate a GILF. Good Vibration's resident sexologist, Carol Queen, Ph.D., will be discussing ecorotic issues in the sex toy industry and The Sexology of Ecosexuality. Dr. Robert Lawrence, Ph.D. will cover ecosex fetishes. Also presenting are Madison Young, an award winning queer porn movie director and artist who will cover the Greening of the Sex Industry. Artist Tania Hammidi will do a dance piece about conflict, genocide and olive trees. There will be a special ecosexi-love-a-licious vegan raw lunch by Becka Shertzer's Brazennectar and Mister Cream. Other presenters are artist musicians Dylan Bolles & Sasha Hom, yogi and academic Amy Champ, and the legendary porn actress Dr. Sharon Mitchell who will talk about the sensuality of gardening. Author of the book Ecosex, Stephanie Iris Weiss will be skyping in from New York for a panel. Erospirit Institute director, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. will expound on the spiritual aspects of ecosexuality. Other speakers will present on many more aspects of this budding new sexual movement. There will also be an open forum for symposium participants to share their work and thoughts.

Although Stephens and Sprinkle use humor in their work, they are very serious about engaging ecosex as an environmental activist strategy. They aim to, "make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse." Additionally, they'd like to see an "E" added to GLBTQI.

PRESS PHOTOS: Available at http://loveartlab.org/press-gallery.php

INFORMATION AND TICKETS: http://www.sexecology.org/

Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18
Sunday, June 19 10:00-1:30
ECOSEX SYMPOSIUM 11 ($35. No one turned away for lack of funds.)
10:30 AM to 10:45 PM


The Ecosex Manifesto Art Exhibit by Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle will be open for public viewing through July 24th.
Gallery Days and Hours: Thursdays and Fridays: 6/23 + 6/24 2:00-5:00 PM, 6/30+ 7/1 2:00-5:00 PM, 7/21 + 7/22 2:00-5:00 PM Or by appointment with the Center for Sex & Culture.


June 16, 8:00 Femina Poten's ECOSEXUAL QUEER PORN NIGHT-At ATA
June 19 5:00-7:00 DIRTSTAR PERFORMANCES at the Tenderloin National Forest/Luggage Store

What is 3WayKiss?  We're a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about the arts of loving and their infinite forms of expression, especially those that are playful, joyful, healthy, open, sustainable, and inclusive.  We intend to foster a public climate where the arts of loving are seen as a form of the arts of healing, and the global effort to create an emotionally sustainable planet where trusting others and sharing resources is seen as the source of abundance and peace in the world. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bonobo Coaching - Practicing Inclusive Love in the Age of Gaia

Bonobo Coaching - Sustainable Paths to Inclusive Love

Serena's Eros - Klimt's Die Madchen
The desire to practice inclusive styles of love is pervasive today.  In the age of Gaia, we have discovered that nature is our hostess.  We owe her to share resources of love as generously as we can. 

Gaia, the Third Planet

Loving inclusively is ecosexual!  People's belief in exclusivity--romantic, amorous, and/or sexual as it may be--is waning from negative experiences with conventional marriage.  More scientific evidence is at hand to explain this.  Hearts and minds connect in the noosphere as evolution is revisited.  However, not many people know how to navigate the transition from exclusivity to inclusiveness in balanced, sustainable, compassionate ways.  

Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Bonobo Coaching opens paths to styles of inclusive love that are gradual, balanced, and sustainable for all those emotionally involved.  Your coach, Serena, has successfully transitioned to a rich personal life of amorous inclusiveness where relationships sustain each other in balanced and graceful ways.  She has studied inclusive styles of love like polyamory and bisexuality for over a decade.  She has practiced amorous inclusiveness at various levels for about two decades.  She considers herself an ecosexual.  She is the author of several books on the subject, and has offered workshops and coaching sessions world wide.  She can coach in English, Français, Italiano, and Español.  She is fluent and formally trained in these four languages.

Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Bonobos are one of the most amorous and peaceful species Gaia, our hostess planet, has ever seen.  They use grooming, sex, and amorous inclusiveness to resolve conflicts and for social cohesion.  They are the primate species genetically closest to humans.  Bonobo Coaching is a style of coaching designed to sustain us humans in activating the virtues of our genetic kinship with Bonobos and put them to beneficial use.

When not freely chosen, exclusivity can be asphyxiating.  In the transition from exclusivity to expansive amorous inclusiveness, Serena has made all the mistakes.  However, she never allowed a mistake to kick her back into asphyxiation.  What matters about mistakes is the interpretation.  In offering coaching sessions, Serena promises to sustain you in interpreting each mistake an an opportunity to learn and move step forward on the path to the expansive amorous inclusiveness you want.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is coaching?  How does it differ from therapy? 

A: Coaching is a way to develop through a confidential dialog with a person whose wisdom and experience one trusts.  This dialog intends to help one move beyond an emotional place where one feels stuck due to societal and conventional limitations, when these fall short in appreciating one's multiple capacities and talents for love.  Coaching is for people who are well.  It does not intend to cure any condition.  However, it does intend to sustain one in developing one's unique talents for love. 

Q: What can coaching do for me if I'm seeking to develop an inclusive style of love?

A: Inclusive love is a way of love that expands beyond the mono paradigms typical of Western cultures in the modern world: monosexuality and monogamy.  Its basic premise is that love is an art whose conscious practice helps people develop their basic talents as amorous persons, and become more abundant resources of love for their communities and life as a whole.

Q: How can I get some coaching?   

A: You can make a coaching appointment with Serena by email or phone.  A brief assessment interview will precede the session.  If Serena feels that her coaching can sustain you in your desire to move forward on the path of inclusive love, she will make a coaching appointment with you.  Coaching can often produce results in one to three or four sessions.  Coaching sessions can be one to two hours each.  The cost is $ 60 per hour per person.

You can prepay your session(s).  Serena will receive a notification.  Please make sure you enter your contact in the payment slip so she can reach you!

Appreciation: "Thank you so much for all your support and your brilliant consulting in Malpensa! It has been really helpful..." Ryan from Vienna, 7-22-2011

Q: What kinds of coaching sessions are available?

A: Coaching sessions are available presentially and long-distance.  Presential sessions typically follow a workshop, course, or seminar.  Long-distance sessions are by appointment and can be set up on skype or teleconference.
Earth as Lover - Cindy Baker

Coaching sessions are either individual or with two or multiple participants. Typically, participants are involved in some practice of amorous inclusiveness.  Each participant is assessed individually before coaching begins.  The hourly cost of a multiple session is established based on the needs of the group.  It is usually lower than separate individual sessions.

Q: Are workshops also offered?

Gaia at Kalikalos, Greece
A: Yes.  Serena offers a range of workshops about amorous inclusiveness, the 3WayKiss Workshops.  They are designed to support communities open up the path to more inclusive styles of love.  A good example is "Compersion: The Spirit of Polyamory."  Other options include "The Pleasure of the Other: Becoming a Resource for Love," "Flogassage: The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves," and "Fluid Bonding and the Health/Safety of Erotic Communities."  Details and descriptions:  HERE!

Q: How can I bring a 3WayKiss workshop to my community? 

Workshops are only available presentially.  If you have and/or are part of one such community, you can offer your place to host Serena and the workshop(s) of choice.  A three-four hour workshop is usually $ 30-40 per participant, with a minimum enrollment of 15.  Serena has a calendar of open travel dates.  Please consult with her before making plans.  She will offer participants the option of coaching sessions in the days immediately after the workshop. 

Q: How can I reach Serena to book some of her services?

A: You can email serena.anderlini@gmail.com.  Include "Bonobo Coaching" in the subject line so she will recognize your message.  You can also call her phone lines: 787 255 1175 (landline) or 787 538 1680 (iphone).

Bonobo Coaching wishes amorous bliss to you and your beloveds.  Practicing love in conscious and inclusive ways is sustainable and good for you.  Please let us know how we can support you in developing your talents for love. 

If you've had a rough Valentine's day, don't worry.
Next time will be better!
 Remember to honor the divine in you.
Namaste.  Thank you!
Works Consulted
  • Anapol, Deborah.  Polyamory in the 21st Century.  New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2010.
  • Anderlini-D'Onofrio, Serena.  Gaia and the New Politics of Love: Notes for a Poly Planet.  Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 2009.
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The name "Bonobo Coaching" came up in a conversation with multiple friends, and in particular Murray Schechter.  His sense of humor always gives me joy.  I am grateful. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

3WayKisses from Gaia - Will the Chrisalys Turn into a Butterfly Soon? Reflections & Season's Greetings

Hi lovely Earthlings!

Gaia sends 3WayKisses and warm wishes to all of you.  Happy Solstice, Eclipse, Holidays, and 2011!
We are amazed at the forces acting on the transformation of the third planet.  Will the chrysalis turn into a butterfly soon?  Many feel that today's coincidence of solstice and Lunar eclipse begins the paradigm shift.  Watch it tonight at 2:40AM EST!  The current crisis could be just an opportunity for opposites to meet.  Eros and Gaia, matter and energy, the Earth and the sky, water and fire, sex and love, humans and nature, the Sun and the Moon: aren't these just mental energy fields that come together in a sensual communion the minute we accept the interconnectedness of all being?  More at Gemini Astrology, Hawaii

This Means Everything to Me 5 - Toby Mott
The power of knowledge keeps moving yours truly.  At this time the very existence of the institution that has sustained her for the past 13 years is in question.  The University of Puerto Rico is under siege by a new governor who wants to sell it to those who fund his career.  Yet yours truly has never been as excited to be in class as this year.  With students' awareness enhanced by the strike last spring, teaching has become more in-the-moment, more real!  Their appetite for knowledge makes up for all difficulties.  Now it's time for professors to be in action about the accreditation of the institution.  Rallies, meetings, negotiating solutions, reviving organizations are our daily activities.  You can get a peak from our videos.  The situation has resonated across regions.  Many US-based scholars originally from Puerto Rico have pitched in.  Their letter to the Attorney General is moving.  It bears seventy-four signatures!  Full text here!  UPR is not alone.  May this be the tip of a tidal wave that honors the desire for knowledge honest people harbor within.

Winter Solstice is a special time for hostess Gaia.  She remembers the Saturnalia, a festival of joy and abundance that celebrated the Reign of Saturn in ancient Rome at this time of year.  In the age of Titans, when the forces of nature reigned supreme, Gaia, the earth, and her lover Uranus, the sky, conceived Saturn, the state of being sated, abundant  He presided over the happiest age in the life of our species.  This Golden Age was known as Saturnia Regna in Antiquity.  It was a time when pleasure was an ally of nature and sexual abundance was revered.  Gaia would like to see us revel as did our pagan ancestors this time of year.  Join yous truly in wishing the third planet a joyful holiday season.  When you prepare your gifts, make sure they align with your most authentic beliefs.  Want a new age of love?  We provide the politics--the practice is up to you!  This is the best time for 3WayKisses! You can donate here!

At the October ecosexual gathering in LA, yours truly's latest opus found its true crowd.  Ecosexuality is in!  On the 23 and 24 of that momentous month, it was amazing to feel the vibration of this new style of love where pleasure and nature marry each other.  The occasion was the 3WayWedding of a highly Saturnian couple, ecosexual artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, and Gaia's favorite satellite, the Moon.  Befitting HoneyMoon was the world's first Symposium on Ecosexuality.  The brides shared wisdom with a crowd of imaginative Earthlings gathered for this momentum meeting.  Is nature an enemy, a mother, a lover?  Imagining the Earth as a lover can bring lots of fun into the global ecology movement.  But Gaia is a hostess too!  Shall we learn to respect her before we begin to woo her?  Yours truly was invited to deliver a Message from Gaia.  She gave the Symposium's Opening Remarks too!  Her featured book, Gaia, resonated with authentic meaning in the neighborhood of this inspiring group.  The quest for the meaning of ecosexuality is open and many voices are pitching in.  The movement swarms with the Saturnian energies of the season. 

This Means Everything to Me 5 - Detail
Gaia also attracted a whole bunch of new readers.  The big push-up back in September helped a great deal.  Thanks to all who pitched in!  Around the 26th, sales ranks rose into the 11,000 for general Kindle, 85,000 for paperback list.  They stayed there for quite a while.  Not stunning yet encouraging.  The title rose much higher in specialized lists: Up to top 4th in Feminist Theory, next to Betty Friedan, Mary Wollstonecraft, Judith Butler, and Naomi Wolf.  What a delightful City of Ladies.  How very exciting to be admitted!  Most astounding of all, the title rose to top 1 for the Mind/Body, Diseases, Aids list.  It's still there, top 31st.  Yours truly is honored to be part of this group.  Good scientists pursue the truth even when they don't like it.  Poor scientists are afraid of controversial issues.  Unbiased perspectives should be available to people who are able to make their own responsible choices.  When it comes to knowledge, the true enemy is fear.  Look at what's happening with Wikileaks!  If you've liked the book, you can vote for it in Goodreads.  Check the Choice Awards and the Books on Love lists.  There's a whole range of good reads from yours truly.  Look up her author's page here!  We wish we could share actual sales figures with you.  Unfortunately, the digital giant Amazon.com won't even disclose them to yours truly! 

"What about teaching?" you may ask.  Yes, we are doing it, with a Course in Ecosexuality starting at UPR Mayaguez in January.  Find out how to enroll here!  We also got a sense of how interested people are in what we have to teach from the social media, as in Facebook.  Polyamory is big hit!  And we see it as part of the arts of conscious loving.  So we are looking for a hospitable facility in Italy.  If you're aware of one, please let us know soon!  We have a fantastic team: Yours truly, whose talk about polyamory has been a highlight of Italian TV; and Robert Silber, from Hawaii, who specializes in conscious sensuality, communication and community.  We are putting together the first bilingual course on the arts of conscious loving, with simultaneous translation on the floor as we teach!  We plan to teach it in July and will announce the location as soon as we have one for sure.  English, with its scientific specificity; and Italian, with its passion and romance.  Stay tuned for specific time and place for this groundbreaking experience!

On this note, we wish a joyful holiday to the entire planet and all of you.  The climate change summit in Cancun has not yielded great results.  But we at 3WayKiss have solutions.  The new politics of love we propose is ecological and sexy too.  Vive ecosexuality!  Stop third planet abuse!  As a new year resolution, can we pledge to practice love and respect for our lovely hostess?  Let's hope Gaia finds  more patience within.  Meanwhile, thanks to Toby Mott for his inspiring paintings.  Check him out here!


Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Monday, October 11, 2010

3WayKiss October Calendar - Los Angeles: 16th, 19th, 23-24th - Redeem GoK Rewards

Dear Everyone, 

We at 3WayKiss are delighted to bring a fabulous October Calendar of Events to you!  We also wish to send our very very special thanks to all participants in the 9/26th Big-Push!  That made a VERY big difference, with Gaia pushed to the top of the list for at least two subspecialties in Kindle Store, and staying there as we speak!  Plus it sparkled a whole new bunch of digital readers, an absolutely eco-sexy thing to do!  From the deepest depths in our heart, thank you!

For October, yours truly has been called to the Los Angeles area for three
Click image for author's blog
fabulous events
we are happy to bring to youWe look forward to having you with us!  Please have your Gaia on Kindle purchase receipt ready to claim your discount!  Thank you!

October Calendar, in Reverse Order

Weekend with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens
--19th Tuesday with Leanna Wolfe

Weekend with SaRina and Robert Silber
Scroll down for details!
--October 23-24th Weekend--Ecosex Wedding plus Symposium HoneyMOON in the LA Area

As announced, yours truly will keynote at the world's first Ecosex Symposium, to be
Click for Symposium Tickets
held Sun., the 24th, 3 to 6 PM, at the Highways Performance Space, 165118th St, Santa Monica, CA, 90404.  
This unique event brings together ecosexuals from the world over to kickstart the ecosexual movement.  The event is organized by Moon brides and Eco-Sex Bi-o-neers Annie Sprinkle, PhD, and Beth Stephens, UCSC. As for yours truly, she'll be talking about "Gaia, the third planet, amorous hostess to many lovely species, sexy mother and lover too!"  The Symposium is moderated by adult film director Veronica Heart, with relationship coach Deborah Taj Anapol, PhD, and sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, among many fabulous speakers.  

The artist brides will be HoneyMOONing from a Purple Wedding to Gaia's lovely satellite, the Moon, to be celebrated on Sat, the 23rd, 6-9:30 PM, at the Farnsworth Park Amphitheater in Altadena.  The Wedding will be officiated by performance artist Reverend Billy of the Church of Life After Shopping.  Yours truly, duly dressed in Purple, will announce the Symposium as a homage to Gaia's hyper-generous hospitality to our unruly species.

The Symposium is meant to be "a public forum where art meets theory meets sex education meets practice," artist brides Annie and Beth declare.  As hundreds of ecosexuals are heading toward Los Angeles for this very special weekend, yours truly invites you to join this heady lot and help spearhead the movement.  What could be more exciting than marrying an astral body and consuming the honeymoon with a whole bunch of ecosexual people?

For more on this weekend check out our Press Releases!

--Tuesday, October 19th, 7:30 PM.
Reading from seminal text of ecosexual theory, Gaia and the New Politics of Love
Click image for Casa de Pensamiento Libre
, at the Casa de Pensamiento Libre, for the Sex and Culture Lecture Series, hosted by Leanna Wolfe, 14923 Marlin Place, Van Nuys, CA, 91405.  A fabulous series, check it out hereDiscussion. Refreshments.  Donation: $ 10 at door, does not include books.  Yours truly will be delighted to sign copies while supplies last.   Ask Leanna at 818 510 0225.

--Weekend October 16-17:

Conscious Sensuality; Gaia at LuvHub: Sat., 16th, 7-9PM. 
Click image for LuvHub--SaRina and Robert
Experiencing Gaia at LuvHub.  An extended evening program for all participants in Conscious Sensuality Weekend Intensive, with Robert Silber and SaRina Goode.  12712 Dewey St, Los Angeles (Santa Monica), CA, 90066. 
The workshop yours truly has been invited to lead focuses on witnessing the energy of love, holding space for the magic of it, experiencing the pleasure of the other, learnign about the arts of loving and about sharing resources of love. Gift yourself with the whole weekend and claim your discount as a Big Push-Up participant here.

We at 3WayKiss sincerely hope you'll choose to join us at ll times, at least in spirit.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions or assist you in any way.  We are a not-for-profit corporation based in Puerto Rico that intends to "educate the public about the arts of loving and their infinite forms of expression."  Plese visit and find out all about our new and exciting Mission.  You can also pledge your donation here.  We are persuaded the events above will spearhead exciging new projects, and are extremely interested in exploring the connections between ecosex and the noosphere.  We see Big Push-Up Day as an experiment in this line of thoiught.  Two weeks into the process, we can tell it's interesting and will follow up with more data in due time.

The LA area is a beloved Matria of yours truly--a special land that has kindly hosted her at one point in her journey. How exciting to be there soon!  Reconnecting to long-time friends from the region is a wonderful gift!  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are one of them.  With a full teaching schedule at the home institution, travel time is at a premium--the opportunity not to be missed!

With deep appreciation for your interest and business, we at 3WayKiss remain yours truly in devotion and ecosexual friendship.

Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, PhD @ 3WayKiss
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author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love, a Silver Winner
for Cosmology and New Science for the 2010 Nautilus Awards,
and many other fabulous books
Professor of Humanities
at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez